Singaporeans are like…






Garden salad


One-eyed Dragons

Sampan 2.0



4 Responses

  1. Some Singaporean netizen are like these poisonous mushrooms. I think so too 🙂

  2. Interesting thoughts. I’ve been in Singapore for the past 17 years. Being from Malaysia, I don’t coiesdnr myself as foreign talent’ (this really needs proper definition how far away is foreign?). In reality, Singapore, like many young nations, has a population that is mostly made up of immigrants. A HDB heartlander today was probably an immigrant 1 2 generations ago.Personally, I think the comments by Mr. Kubes are off, esp on the second reply (yes, I read the forum thread), it’s not an uncommon one by any immature and probably young person, regardless heartlander or expat.

  3. ridiculous and notorious sg prankster strike again
    dk should laugh or cry

  4. sorry admin I tot Is article submission lol

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