As featured on ST!

How to cheat your way into ST (and other mainstream media) without bothering to write to the Forum

Well, well, I guess it’s only fair then. After all this plagarising from the ST letter vaults, one of my posts on workplace discrimination has been quoted, unedited I must add, in the Strait Times!I must congratulate ST, then, for the thoroughness of their research and discerning taste in source material! I can finally address myself as a Blogger, (since ST says so)

From ST Prime news, 26 June 2010, pg 16

Sunday Times 10 April 2011

Sunday Times 11 Sept 2011

Sunday Times, 25 Sept 2011

6 June 2012, My Paper. Thanks to ‘airpork’

My Paper didn’t really get my point across, but appreciate the name-dropping, and giving the blog a Chinese title too.


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  1. Hi Sumiko..

    I was wondering if i could consult you on making a wordpress blog. I am starting a new blog using wordpress and I like some of the features of the things you have made on your blog. Could we correspond via email or FB?

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