Human Rights Watch spreading deliberate falsehoods

From ‘PAP Policy Forum slams Human Rights Watch report, calls it a ‘deliberate falsehood’, 23 Mar 2018, article by Aqil Haziq Mahmud, CNA

The People’s Action Party Policy Forum (PPF) has slammed a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report which described Singapore as a “repressive place” that imposed criminal penalties for peaceful speech.

The group, an arm of the People’s Action Party that engages Government leaders on policy issues, called the report as a “type of deliberate falsehood” in a written submission to the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods on Friday (Mar 23).

It said the report is “an example of how false and misleading impressions can be created by a selective presentation of facts, designed to promote an underlying agenda”, which is to change the society in Singapore.

…The ministry suggested that HRW had chosen not to come to Singapore to publicly defend its views because it knows that its report would not withstand scrutiny.

“HRW, by its conduct, has shown that it cannot be taken seriously as a commentator or interlocutor on issues relating to Singapore,” the ministry said.

If you actually read the HRW article titled ‘Kill the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys‘, you’ll realise than it’s more than just the defunct The Real Singapore or Amos Yee who are highlighted as poster children of Singapore’s ‘repressive’ regime. It also mentions the ‘Marxist conspiracy’, people ‘scandalising the judiciary’, Roy Ngerng, and artists having their possessions seized without warrant by the police, which the PPF decided to ignore in their fault-finding. The only item missing from the HRW critique is chewing gum.

Which means it’s cherry-picking on both sides. On one hand, a non-profit organisation intent on maintaining the image of Singapore as a ‘Disneyland with the Death Penalty’, and the other obsessive-compulsive in its pursuit to discredit anything that makes the government of the day look bad by sweepingly labelling it as a ‘deliberate falsehood’. In the old days, we used to refer to such allegations as ‘LIES’. But lies don’t get you public apologies or compensation. Lies is when Mommy caught you masturbating and you say that you were trying to pull a caterpillar out of your pants.

When even honest suspicions are bludgeoned to death in Parliament, when a private post commenting on the ‘pliability’ of our legal system forces you into exile, when the Police begin to do the heavy lifting for what’s fast becoming a dystopian Ministry of Truth, you start to wonder if the government’s crackdown on anything resembling an opinion is the modern equivalent of burning books in the proverbial bonfire.

If the ruling party could pull out all the stops to force an international paper to apologise or risk legal action for making suggestions of nepotism, they could jolly well do the same to the HRW. The report is a falsehood, the organisation is a falsehood. Hell, if a leader of country disses us, then that whole fucking country is one big fat falsehood too.



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