Dress code for everyone in public places

From ‘Mind how we dress in public’, 8 July 2016, ST Forum

(Benjamin Sim Buke Huang): The case where a dentist was jailed for molesting an MRT passenger who was wearing shorts (“Dentist jailed 6 weeks for molesting woman on MRT”; July 2) reminds me of the kampung days, when adolescent girls were told by their parents not to wear hot pants or shorts in public.

The reasons given were that they were “too revealing” and did not reflect well on the girls’ modesty or upbringing. There is definitely a good case for today’s parents to relook how our adolescent girls – and adults, for that matter – dress when in public.

Women wear shorts to many places, even to places of worship. This shows a lack of respect for others as well as for the religion.

Perhaps there can be some dress code – for both men and women – when they are in public places.

There is already a Singaporean dress code in public places, and it entails a lot of shorts, spaghetti straps  and flip flops. Even if you wore jeans, long skirts or yoga pants you still risk being harassed in a crowded train.

While other readers were focussed on the fact that the molester was a dentist, the complainant decided to draw attention to what the victim was wearing, specifically mentioning ‘hot pants’. By linking the crime and the pants and proposing that people dress more decently in public, he’s suggesting that the woman may not have been groped had she not ‘ASKED FOR IT’. In other words, it’s the woman’s fault for dressing sexily and turning men, even dentists, into rapists and molesters. Which is exactly what some people in the 80’s believed, not to mention our ‘kampung’ parents who had the cheek to control what girls wear when they’re walking about in sarong without underwear. AWARE should be up in arms over this letter, and likely to argue that if men can’t control their base desires then the problem lies with them, not with a woman who decided to flash her fair, inner thighs because it makes her feel ’empowered’. Or because the weather’s just too damn hot.

Anyway, even if by some bonkers, dystopian ruling we end up all abiding by a universal dress code because hot pants are so damn dangerous, we all know what colour that will be.



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  1. It’s Mas Selamat Deja Vu all over again!

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