YP wants to re-ignite the passion of servant leadership

From ‘Robotic Young PAP video draws flak online’, 13 May 2014, article by Nurul Azliah Aripin, Yahoo News

A video montage showing members of the youth wing of the ruling People’s Action Party trying to drum up passion for public service has been slammed by online viewers for, ironically, sounding “robotic”. The 4-minute and 44-second video, which was first uploaded on YouTube by PeopleActionPartyHQ, drew criticism after it was shared on Facebook page Must Be Singapore on Sunday.

The video showed the aspiring politicians expressing their motivation to “re-ignite the passion of servant leadership”, “re-enforce our heritage that we are the party for ALL Singaporeans” and “re-establish emotional connect (sic) with Singaporeans”. Unfortunately, many viewers found that the youngsters sounded anything but passionate and emotional.

“Sad to see youths talking like parrots and reading scripts with bad diction and pronunciation,” says a Caroline Thomas Lingham in a comment left on Must Be Singapore’s FB post of the video.

“And here kids you find yourself a bunch of brainwashed young adults. They even sound like robots. Amazing,” says Singapore celebrity YouTuber Hirzie Zulkiflie on the same page. While it was painful to watch the video in full for some, others found it hilarious.

Local Malay actor Ahmad Stokin said, “Whoaaaaaa!!! Sorry people I can’t help it but laugh.”


In 2009, the former PAP ‘youth wing’ submitted a recruitment video to MDA for vetting, but did not get past the CENSORS. Deemed a ‘blockbuster’, the title of the film was ‘I am a Young Singaporean‘, supposedly adapted from ‘Lost Generation’ by Jonathan Reed, a poem that gives different meanings when read forwards or backwards. I wonder if YPAP went through the same legal hoops before posting this video, whose title almost fooled me into thinking this was the work of proselyting Christians from some megachurch instead.

George Yeo spearheaded the image change from ‘Youth Wing’ to the less militant-sounding ‘Young PAP’, though the age limit for joining the club is currently 40. The objective of such a group has been questioned as early as 1986, when academics warned that YP shouldn’t be used as an ‘instrument’ of the ruling party. But at the time it seemed that all they really want to do is ‘winning the hearts and minds’ of young Singaporeans. Well, judging from the video, it’s obvious that they’re really white minions drilled into everlasting servitude, hence the creepy title.

This is their official mission from their Facebook page, which makes it crystal clear that their job is to recruit PAP members and win votes. And they even have an ETHOS, which is just a fancy-pants word for ‘philosophy’. They forgot the most important E though, helping the PAP win ELECTIONS.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.22.31 AM

The ‘Servant leadership’ video features members from various ‘regions’ telling viewers about what they’ve been doing to contribute to nation-building and how YP activities have made a positive impact on society, ridden with cliches such as ‘future-ready’ and the annoying ‘actionable’. I’d swear they could have just recited the Pledge multiple times and it would have made no difference whatsoever. Or maybe doing a RAP video would have been more appropriate. I mean, they already have guitars inside there. They could have called it ‘YPAP FTW’.

Here are some priceless scenes from the video, which may be taken down if MDA decides to categorise it as a ‘political film’.

1. YP with mini guitars. This team would make a solid North Korean covers band. And it also features the YOUNGEST YPAP member ever. The unborn one.

They will rock you

They will rock you

2. YP looking like ‘brothers’ on someone’s wedding day, matching shirts and all. The best sort to TEKAN.

The bromance is strong on this one

The bromance is strong on this one

3. ‘EMOTIONAL CONNECT’. Maybe ‘connection’ was scrapped because it rhymes with ‘election’.

Grammar police needed

We will promote the UNITE among Singaporeans too

4. THAT WALLPAPER IS HIDEOUS. It belongs in a solitary confinement ward. For the insane.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.10.43 AM

5. Erm, guys, the camera is OVER HERE.

YP giving you the sideeye

YP giving you the side-eye

6. Oi, NO PLAYING WITH HANDPHONE during very important meeting in void deck. A meeting with cups that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.15.43 AM

‘As branch chairman it is my duty to check whether they’re LISTENING, and if they’re not listening, what’s the reason’

7. Product Placement

Product Placement

This clip is brought to you by Gardenia, ALL WHITE bread.

8. There’s no hyphen in Reinforce. Nor such a word as ‘inforce’.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.49.14 PM

Postscript: The video has been fact been cleared by MDA, who explained it didn’t fall into the political film category because it does not have ‘animation or dramatic elements‘. Are you saying all political ‘cartoons’ are banned if that’s the case? Is that the REAL reason why the YPAP were mass rambling like zombies, to deliberately deprive the clip of ALL ‘dramatic elements’ just to make the cut? If so, then it may be a smart move after all, one that RE-INFORCEs their FUTURE-READINESS for an ACTIONABLE party. This guy almost ruined everything with this uncharacteristic display of spontaneity, though. How dare you.




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  2. MDA thought it was ok becos the video had no ”animation or dramatic elements”???????
    damn right!

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