Istana hackers calling Tony Tan ‘Jiak Liao Bee’

From ‘Istana site hacking: Businessman and student questioned’, 14 Nov 2013, article by Pearl Lee, Maryam Mokhtar and Linette Lai, ST

ONE is an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) student, while the other is a middle-aged, small business entrepreneur. Melvin Teo, 17, and Mr Delson Moo, 42, are the duo believed to have been questioned by the police last week over a recent alleged hacking of an Istana webpage, The Straits Times learnt yesterday.

On Tuesday, the police did not identify them but revealed that two suspects were involved in the Istana cyber intrusion, along with two others who allegedly hacked into the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) website on the same day – last Friday. The two pairs are not connected to each other and did not act in concert but they had “exploited a vulnerability of those sites to display pages from other sources”, according to the police.

…Melvin and Mr Moo were not arrested but continue to assist with investigations into the Istana hacking. None of the four men is connected to James Raj Arokiasamy, the alleged hacker said to be behind the “The Messiah” pseudonym, according to court papers.

…Before it was removed, Melvin’s Facebook page featured two caricatures of himself, which were similar to the one that apparently appeared on the Istana’s website with the words, “Melvin Teo For The Win“, when it was hacked last week.

One hack of a drawing, bro

One hack of a drawing, bro

Unless Melvin Teo suffers from a severe bout of narcissistic disorder it’s highly unlikely that he would expose himself in this manner if he were indeed responsible for the Istana hack job. ‘For the Win’ or FTW is hip internet parlance to describe something awesome or sweet victory, and sounds like a phrase that people who say ‘BIATCH‘ would use. Nobody would ever think, however, of typing ‘Tony Tan Keng Yam FTW’, especially when he won the presidency in 2011.

What the ST article omitted was that another Istana webpage was hacked into the image of an old woman flashing the middle finger with the words ‘Jiak Liao Bee’, which means someone who’s highly paid (consumes rice) for doing nothing.


Though popularised when our President was booed during Nomination Day, JLB is an insult that predates both FTW and Biatch, with forums from as early as 2007 deploying it, usually on government officials. But is it fair to call out our President for ‘jiaking’ too much ‘liao bee’? Some would even go to the extent of calling him a ‘F-face hypocrite’ and a ‘useless idiot’.

Here’s a list of things that the President has been doing in his 2 years tasked with ‘protecting our financial reserves‘ and ’embodying’ Singapore to the world other than attending President Star Charity shows. I’ll leave you to judge if he’s worth the rice being fed to him. The Istana hackers obviously thought a President should do more than just playing dumb.

1. State visiting

2. Speech-giving

3. VIP hosting

4. Congratulating royalty

5. Being a patron to stuff. And showing people the proper way of holding a football.

Our President on the ball

6. Flagging off Big Walks

7. Or just, well, joining ordinary Singaporeans in ordinary festivities.

Suspect Delson Moo, a businessman with a self-proclaimed ‘PHD from the Univeristy of Society’, has a few thoughts about Tony Tan as well, more than I can say for a 17 year old kid. A trawl through the web unravels some of his thoughts on ministers and the presidency. It doesn’t help that he’s super active on social media and has a weird name which makes him easily searchable on Google, and a big target for the cyber police to pounce on.

On the presidential candidates

On the presidential candidates

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.29.37 PM

On his Youtube channel, he posted the following video in tribute to Tony Tan’s victory (skip to track 7). Interesting choice of background music.

Yet, despite his taunts of the President, he also said he’d ‘probably vote for him’ anyhow.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.33.00 PM

Funny fella, this Moo. Earlier this month he posted a fantasy video about himself winning ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and NOBEL PRIZE Winner. Till date, it has garnered 22 views, 1 DISLIKE and zero Likes. Well, one can dream.

He calls his blog ( a ‘roadmap to an Internet lifestyle’ and loves his son to bits. Let’s hope for the sake of the kid that he didn’t just take a dark detour into a life of cybercrime instead.

Postscript: Moo confessed to intrusions to both the PMO and Istana websites, claiming that he did not ‘exploit the vulnerabilities’ but was ‘testing it’ (Businessman admits to Istana and PMO website intrusions, 15 Nov 2013, ST). That’s like saying you were testing a woman’s self defence prowess after squeezing her buttocks. Both men were arrested and charged on Nov 29 for ‘unauthorised modificiation’ of the Istana website server. Melvin also allegedly posted ‘Patrick Tan For the Win’ prior to his caricature (Two charged over Istana hacking, 30 Nov 2013, ST), with the ST journo reporting that ‘it is not known who he was referring to exactly’. Well there’s at least one ‘Patrick’ we know who’s linked to the President.


One Response

  1. Unlikely suspects.. A businessman, with no programming skills,

    and an ITE student who actually supposedly wrote his FULL name on the hacked website,

    and James Raj Arokiasamy, who is a drug addict.

    These are the LEAST likely people to be hackers!

    One word: Scapegoats

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