ST reporting Anonymous’ Messiah to the police

From ‘The Straits Times makes police report after hacker breaks into blog’, 1 Nov 2013, ST

A HACKER who claims to be part of the Anonymous network posted a message on The Straits Times blog website on Friday morning, days after a video threatening to hit out at the Government was posted on YouTube.

The hacker said the attack was prompted by a “misleading” report the paper published on its website, and demanded an apology or the resignation of the journalist who wrote it,threatening further attacks otherwise.

A spokesman for Singapore Press Holdings, which publishes the ST and its websites, said the paper stands by its reports and reporters.

The affected blog site has been taken down for now, SPH added. “We have filed a police report on the incident, and the police are investigating the matter.”

Demanding a ST reporter to resign over an impulsive headline seems trivial for the ‘legion’ that is Anonymous, an international hacktivist community that has busted child porn syndicates, white supremacist radio shows and even plans to disarm North Korea of nuclear weapons by tampering with their government web services. For those who cheer Messiah’s dastardly deed like how one swoons over a misunderstood rock singer trashing his guitar, you should note that the group he claims to belong to has also threatened to wipe Facebook off the face of the earth. No more status updates! No more Bitstrips! No more spying on ex-lovers’ photos! We can live without ST’s news, but not without pictures and videos of our friends’ babies in action.

Our Government and major industries have experienced the wrath and mischief of random hackers before. In 1996, the Government’s very own website was trespassed and a list of 100 user IDs of staff from government agencies were exposed. In 2001, Singapore Airlines was hit by a InX of WoH, its website splashed with vulgarities. Even KFC wasn’t spared, not to mention lightweights like the PA site, or AMK Town Council. But it wasn’t just the ruling party that got smeared, Opposition party SDP got hit as well, with their site erased and replaced with the words MATURE SEX in 2003. You didn’t need to write a lengthy manifesto with each incursion in the past, a simple sign off to stamp your conquest, or hardcore porn would state your intent in most cases.

The Police have been trying to snare the Messiah since he defaced Sun Ho’s website (almost 2 months ago), but the hacker remains at large and appears to be growing in confidence and swagger, perhaps even plotting to bring down the SPF homepage as a trophy hack too. Easy pickings for Anonymous, obviously. They’ve already done it to the FBI and the CIA. Instead of scaring ST reporters like Irene Tham into checking their bank accounts every hour, here’s a list of what the Singapore-based Anon/Messiah should consider doing now for their ‘fellow Singaporeans’ and humanity in general if they want to convince us that they are the Che Guevaras of our generation, rebels with a cause and not pranksters, freedom fighters not keyboard terrorists, Robin Hoods not bandits invading a cowboy town and holding the sheriff hostage in his own home.

6. Hunting down people who get away after throwing cats off buildings.

5. Shutting down terrorist cells, human trafficking sites, email spammers and companies that force you to watch 30 seconds of their goddamn ads before your video runs on YouTube.

4. Destroying online underage sex vice rings, or at least exposing members, especially high-profile ones.

3. Uncovering ex-MPs who are having business dealings with town council projects

2. Finding out the actual cost of building a HDB flat

1. Tracking how many pineapple tarts are being purchased by government officials as official gifts.

I’m also struck by how the Messiah in the YouTube video reminds me of a veteran comic HK actor.


Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of going to that Halloween party, or a Hong Lim Park protest in a Guy Fawkes mask..VERY BAD IDEA. You may just get burned at the stake on 5 November in honour of a man who tried to bomb the British House of Parliament but failed in 1605. Remember, remember. In commemoration of upcoming Guy Fawkes’ Day , here’s a gallery of ‘anonymous’ folks  wearing masks complaining about stuff.

All Fawked Up

I see what you did there

Hoodie and the Blowfish

Postscript: On 2 Nov afternoon, several government agency websites experienced outage for several hours, including the SPF site which was brought up above. IDA announced that it was ‘planned maintenance’ which experienced technical difficulties,  leading to paranoid speculations about conspiracy theories and fears of a Singapore shutdown instigated by a Anonymous cyber-ambush. ‘Planned maintenance’ may be something that happens on a regular basis that we never notice, and we only pay attention to it now because of the Messiah’s threats of war against the Singapore Government. It’s like electronic ‘ponding’, but with malicious implications because of the momentary panic that this downtime has caused. This is essentially what cyber-terrorism aims to achieve; masterminding a few small, strategic glitches to set the tone, and then watch the fear and chaos unfold with a life of its own. Anonymous, alas, has drawn first blood before even cracking a single line of government code.

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