Leonard ‘Santa Claus’ Francis defrauding the US Navy

From ‘SEX, ports and government contracts’, 6 Oct 2013, article by Walter Sim, Sunday Times

Singapore-based businessman Leonard Glenn Francis has been reported to own a sprawling 70,000 sq ft Nassim Road bungalow, which has become famous for its extravagant Christmas light-ups.

But his next home could be a jail in the United States, where the 58-year-old Malaysian father of five was charged last month with defrauding the US Navy in a case involving hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracts.

Part of the plot allegedly involved bribing a US Navy commander (Michael Misiewicz) and a special agent (John Beliveau) with luxury travel and women in exchange for classified information that allowed Francis to profit from his business dealings with the US Navy.

Leonard Francis has reportedly been living in Singapore for more than 30 years despite still being a Malaysian citizen. Last Christmas, the self-proclaimed ‘Santa Claus’ and Catholic adorned his Nassim bungalow with reindeers, a gigantic Xmas tree, even a nativity scene complete with manger. Who would have thought that this lavish spectacle (possibly costing at least $100,000) may have been made possible by ‘gifts’ of a totally different nature, among which include Lady Gaga concert tickets and what he called his ‘Elite Thai Seal team’, or prostitutes. When asked about the expenses, he replied ‘ You can’t put a value on happiness’. Not so for pleasure, it seems.

Francis started draping his residence in the Xmas spirit back in 2007, when he was at Cluny Road and already renown then as among Singapore’s ‘most ardent Christmas decorators’. An assistant was given a budget of $25K then to make Francis’ house shine as bright as Orchard Road, drawing complaints from those who saw the gesture as unnecessarily extravagant and felt that the money splurged on giant snowmen and Baby Jesuses should have gone into more charitable causes. The lighting even caused a minor traffic jam when cars slowed down just to gaze in awe at the audacious splendour of it all (Ironically, Francis himself has also complained to the Traffic Police about rows of parked heavy vehicles along Nassim Road). If he hadn’t been caught, this year’s light-up could have been bigger, better and brighter, maybe even with actual falling snow or a ship dressed up like Noah’s Ark sponsored by the US Navy, with Kai Kai and Jia Jia in it.

Francis’ arrest is a sigh of relief for Nassim neighbours who couldn’t sleep because of his annoying flashing extravaganza. In the video below taken of the house from a vehicle, someone quipped that he ‘basically baokaliao the sidewalk’ and questioned if decorating the place like it’s your grandfather’s road was even legal. Even if it were illegal, I doubt the authorities would go all Scrooge over it, especially on rich folks’ property.

In late 2012, just as Francis was getting ready to receive Father Christmas, his military contractor company Glenn Defence Marine Asia was charged for dumping hazardous waste in Subic Bay, Philippines, which dwarves the environmental burden of over-the-top Xmas lighting.  Of course that didn’t stop Singapore’s Mr Xmas himself from turning Nassim Road into a Winter Wonderland in a bid to out-Christmas Orchard Road, while at the same time sending ‘Not Safe For Xmas’ pics of Thai hookers to his partners in crime.  If found guilty of duping the US Navy and overcharging ‘pearl ports’, Francis may spend the next few Christmases decking prison bars with snow made out of wet toilet paper balls instead. No sheep in the manger for this conman in a slammer.

UPDATE (17 Jan 2015): ‘Fat Leonard’ has pleaded guilty to corruption charges and faces up to 25 years in jail. ’25’ also happens to be the number of days that Christmas has.


10 Responses

  1. Wow someone defrauds the US Navy? This will be good. haha

  2. Yes he is the father of 5. But the truth is he took the 3 little children from their mothers. Now the 2 mothers r sufferring from their child/s. please check their middle name.. He is just using his power to control the mothers of the 3 little children. It is illegal the children 7uears old and below must be with the mother/s.

    • I want the media to help me and get my kids back to me. I really appreciate someone help me to see my kids.

  3. Thank’s Jaione Cari, i am the mother of two children am still fighting for my rights four years from now he took and hide my children using his power and money. He took everything from me and left me like a beggar just to make him sure i will not fight. But God so good to me he gave me friends to help me.please i want to see my children soon to hug and kiss them.

  4. He is a good person and so kindness hope god bless him back home soon.

  5. Maybe you are one of his women, he is in prison right now that is karma. He is really evil man. No heart and no conscience.

    • Morena, did you know Leonard Francis personally? How do you know he has no heart and no conscience?

      • Yes kim, he took my two children and left me with nothing… I dont need any materials in this world only my son and my daughter. Same as he did to other filipina he took her son too. Because he has money he never let our children to see them. My children very young that time only 1 and 2 years now is 5 years already.

    • Morena, will you email me with a way to contact you? I am a writer and would like to hear more. Email me reddykim1@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Good day Sir/Mam!
    I am Morena De Jesus from the philippines i am very sinple person and i wish this letter would have the opportunity to express my feelings. As a woman and a mother i am fighting for my rights. I got the Desicion from the court here and Singapore against Leonard Glenn Francis.but untill now they are still hiding them from me. They are only 1 and 2 years old since they took them from me and they now turning 7 and 8 years old. Leonard was influential person he used his money to get our children. I am not only a mother he took children. Leonar Glenn was detained in San Diego california but his mother still continuing hiding my children. Pls help sir i wis this birthay coming wi will get together. I can send all my documents. Help me sir for charitable consideration and the rights for my children. I really missed them so much sir. May Gless bless u for your good heart.

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