Baey Yam Keng is a selfie crush

From ‘MP Baey Yam Keng: I am surprised and flattered by the interest in my selfies’, article by Yunita Ong, 15 Aug 2013, ST

As a politician, Mr Baey Yam Keng is no stranger to public scrutiny. But the MP for Tampines GRC wasn’t quite prepared for the sudden buzz surrounding the “selfies” – or self-taken photos of his face – which he posted on his Instagram account.

Mr Baey, who turns 43 on Aug 31, was crowned “selfie crush” by a pop-culture website called Popspoken on Aug 5. It collated what it called the MP’s “hottest 10 selfies”.

“I was quite surprised and a bit flattered that someone took enough notice of my selfies,” he told The Straits Times. “I appreciate it as I thought it’s quite a positive article.”

…While some are not supportive of him taking selfies, most have given him the thumbs up. One Instagram user praised him for “engaging Singaporeans through online interaction”.

In 2007, Baey ‘Yum’ Keng’s photo was mistakenly used in a Malaysian Chinese newspaper article, where he was depicted as a 50 year old woman’s ‘serial womaniser’ husband. With his range of selfies online, he may be easy pickings for people photojacking his shots for dating portfolios, or end up in advertisement banners for sites with names like Hot Asian Studs or Moustache Madness. As for ‘engaging Singaporeans’,  posing with Iron Man is fine, but acting cute with a Coach box will earn you mortal enemies and a Facebook petition to kick you out of Parliament. Just ask Tin Pei Ling. What is it, then, that makes it alright, sexy, some may even say respectable, for a male politician to take a playful selfie, but when an attractive female counterpart does it, it seems, well, ‘unprofessional’?

BYK isn’t the only male politician with smouldering filmstar looks. Those who have been labelled ‘auntie-killers’ include boyish Desmond Choo and Chen Show Mao with his ‘scholarly good looks’. One man who has been literally compared to a filmstar is our Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, whom some housewives think resemble Richard Gere. These are probably the same women who think Khaw Boon Wan looks like Al Pacino. One such auntie-killer lived up to his reputation as a ‘ladies’ man’, being the first PAP MP to be publicly shamed for adultery and lost his job over it. His name? Michael Palmer.

Which male politician do people most want to see naked? One gay forum posed such a tantaslising question. According to poll results, Ng ‘Richard Gere’ Eng Hen got 0.77% of votes. Steve Chia, who did in fact take erotic naked pictures of himself, scored 2.47%. Baey was a distant second (21%) to winner Teo Ser Luck (60%), whereas no one in their right mind would want to see Yaacob Ibrahim expose himself (3 votes).

Blogger Hansel 25 has more eclectic tastes in his male politicians. BYK only makes it to a measly no.8 on his Top 10 list, with the likes of Tan Chuan Jin, Teo Ser Luck and even Vivian Balakrishnan higher in hotness ranking. It’s also a well known fact that height correlates with attractiveness, and the tallest PM we’ve ever had was once called ‘My HANDSOME prime minister’ by a resident. (My handsome Prime Minister!4 Jan 1997, ST). Standing at 6″2, he’s none other than our current Emeritus Senior Minister, Goh Chok Tong. Seems like it’s OK to be ‘wooden’ but still a heartland heartthrob as long as you’re taller than 180cm.

There are the unsung, underrated hunks as well. Forum commentators laud NMPs Nicholas Fang and Lawrence Lien, while others swoon over Christopher De Souza and Lim Wee Kiak, guys who don’t need an Instagram account to show off their unconventional good looks through vainpot pictures. But what’s truly remarkable is how one of our top leaders made it to the top 20 hottest heads of state. This ‘yandao’ man-god is currently number 14 on the list, and officially hotter than THIS man below:

Vladimir Putin. The piranha at the end of his fishing line was out of the picture

Our hot world leader doesn’t hunt deer or wrestle with bears while swilling vodka in one hand, but he looks absolutely fabulous in a pink shirt. He’s so smokin’ hot he doesn’t need a selfie to prove it. In fact, during a National Day Rally he REVERSED the selfie. How cool is that? Take a bow, Lee Hsien Loong.

Our PM, 14th hottest head of state in the world


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