Lim Swee Say can never resist Din Tai Fung toothpicks

From ‘Which eatery has the best toothpicks? Din Tai Fung, says Lim Swee Say’, article by Amelia Tan, 22 July 2013

When labour chief Lim Swee Say goes to Chinese restaurant Din Tai Fung, his eyes are peeled not so much on its dumplings and noodles, but on its toothpicks. He likes them because they are well-designed and of good quality.

“Many restaurants give you toothpicks, but the toothpick is so big it can never go through, but this one is so fine that whatever is inside sure can come out,” he said on Monday.

In fact, he revealed with a laugh, the Din Tai Fung toothpicks are so good, he “can never resist” – he always takes half a box of them during each visit.

…The point he wanted to make? “Success never happens by chance,” he said…A Din Tai Fung spokesman said toothpicks are placed on all tables and customers are free to use as many as they like.

According to Lim Swee Say, the measure of a company’s success is how it pays attention to fine details. He also believes they should emulate Lady Gaga. The DTF toothpick is unusual in that it resembles an interdental brush, with bristles to give our labour chief’s oral cavity a ‘shiok’, clean feeling after every meal. Perhaps the restaurant should sell their designer picks as a side merchandise considering they have one very rich customer who’s an obvious fan of their product, an addict even.

I never had much success with the traditional wooden picks myself, but now that the Minister has put his stamp of approval on this tiny marvel of dental engineering, I simply have to give it a shot. Now I can dislodge little pieces of xiao long bao with a touch of sophistication, when all I was doing in the past was poking twigs between my gums like a caveman. Thank you Sir for showing me the way to refinement and good taste.

After this endorsement, you’re likely to have some kiasu, ugly Singaporeans following the Minister’s example and taking home half box fulls of quality toothpicks to save money on Oral-B products, a behaviour more commonly known as bad etiquette or miserliness. Maybe Lim Swee Say is a stickler for oral hygiene, but this is just shameless. Those things look like they cost more than the groundnut appetiser and if you have any decency you would leave a tip in exchange for them. Otherwise it’s like grabbing half a box of straws from McDonald’s because you’re having a last minute party, or taking scented rolled towels from a 5-star hotel’s restroom instead of paying for those provided in the Chinese restaurant next door.

Then again, no one from DTF would stop Lim Swee Say from pocketing half a box of freebies if he chose to. He could walk out of the restaurant with the dumpling tray and an empty teapot and no one would stop him either. More so if he came dressed as Zorro. Or is it Hamburglar?

Masked crusaders need clean teeth

I’ve always wondered what people need so many toothpicks for if they’re not building a miniature city out of them. In the case of our labour chief, as personal rojak utensils, perhaps?


6 Responses

  1. It is strange that high placed persons extolling the virtues of dental hygiene and pocketing restaurants’ toothpicks to pursue their quest for clean teeth in their chauffeured car, bungalow etc are vilified … if another person’ had taken toilet paper rolls home because they are “so soft and leave nothing behind between the cheeks” how would netizens react?

  2. Zorro is considerate enough to leave half a box behind for other patrons. A lesser MIW will have taken all and demand for more as a birthright.

  3. I have a better idea, boycott all the businesses of Breadtalk Group. Breadtalk bakeries, Food Republic, Toast Box, Din Tai Fung etc.

    • why boycott the restaurant which is suffering the consequences of this customer’s behavior? now DTF better have tons of free toothpicks ready for other customers!

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