Anonymous websites are anti-Singapore and harm us all

From ‘Beware of websites run by anonymous owners’, 20 July 2013, ST Forum

(Tan Ying San): SINGAPOREANS should be concerned about websites run by anonymous owners, as many of these sites serve to divide us (“TRS website popular but ranks low on credibility”; Thursday).

These sites may be run by foreigners and foreign agencies who wish to do us harm.

After all, there have been reports of foreign agencies setting up websites to promote certain causes and regularly editing entries in Wikipedia to favour certain viewpoints (“CIA, Vatican and Howard’s office ‘edited Wikipedia'”; Aug 29, 2007).

Many less-discerning Singaporeans believe whole articles on such websites simply because parts of them are true and the message resonates with them. They forget that the best liars do not lie completely. Many of these sites are not only anti-government but also anti-Singapore and highly defamatory. Singaporeans who write the occasional credible anti-government article may lend a certain credibility to such websites, and influence netizens into believing that the sites are reliable.

As an ‘anonymous’ blog owner, I do not profess to post the gospel truth, nor is it my intention to ‘do anyone harm’. I welcome flaming if a post deserves to be flamed, and as much as I accept that people will be offended no matter how hard I try not to start a turf war, it doesn’t mean that web ‘anonymity’ gives me the freedom to write whatever I please, as past records of nameless bloggers getting arrested for racism prove. It doesn’t matter if you put your entire CV on your website or blog under the moniker of a random street cat. It’s only a matter of time before you’re hunted down by the authorities. Anonymity is only as ‘protective’ as putting on a condom while performing cunnilingus on a sex worker.

The writer’s idea of anonymity is that of a bank robber wearing stockings over his head committing villainy. There are, however, those who choose to be anonymous like how a superhero adopts a secret identity, or like how a celebrity wizard-fantasy author ghost-writes as a crime novelist. While I’m not in the business of fighting injustice to describe this blog as the equivalent of a Batman mask and suit, let’s just say my preference for anonymity is like how a date first presents himself to contestants on a matchmaking TV show, with a question mark obscuring his face, hidden for no reason other than a vain attempt at exuding an air of mystery and intrigue (The REAL reason is I may put my job on the line if my employer thinks I’m a member of #FreeMyInternet) . Besides I’ve done this for so long, it just feels, well, WEIRD to expose myself now just because some people think having a face online gives you instant credibility and balls. Anyway, I beg to differ.

Opinions of anonymous bloggers have been harsh. In 2009, faceless critics have been compared to BACTERIA, while people like Alex Au, Choo Zheng Xi were deemed ‘brave’ enough to show their faces to the world. But to be fair, just because you’re a known, even celebrity, blogger doesn’t mean you don’t make irresponsible posts online like the rest of us spineless, faceless, no-good, hand-wringing, grumpy keyboard shadow warriors. Sometimes the most emotional, inflammatory things are said out of good intentions rather than mischief or spite, so the writer’s accusation that such sites are out to torment the innocent is bewildering. People have been driven to suicide because of Facebook cyberbullying, and the culprits are usually ANYTHING but anonymous. They could very well be your next door neighbour for God’s sake, not to mention ‘foreign agencies’.

Here are some examples of what bloggers (I include people who post notes on Facebook, because that’s just a lazy way of blogging) who display their names proudly have done to upset people. And not all of of them are ‘anti-government’ either. The ones who are ‘anti-Singapore’ make bomb threats, hack government websites, subscribe to the Taliban forum and are beyond the scope of this argument.

    • Just recently, Ravi Philemon posted a note quoting a friend suggesting that 9 million N95 masks were stockpiled and reserved only ‘certain people’. This rankled director of MCI Peer M. Akbur, who called Ravi’s ‘seeking clarifications’ argument ‘astonishing’ and that he was insinuating that the Government only keeps the good stuff for the ‘privileged’ (Blogger’s explanations are astonishing, 20 July 2013, ST Forum). First off, the blogger was quoting someone else (A certain MP got into similar trouble with ‘quoting’ someone else, see below). Secondly, did anyone watch ‘Deep Impact’ where only SPECIAL people get to be saved from Armageddon? Are we so naive to think that if a comet comes hurtling towards us, the Government is NOT going to think of themselves and their families first?
    • Alex Au of Yawning Bread has riled not just the government and the courts, but even got the Archbishop‘s frock in a twist.
    • PAP supporter Xiaxue posted pics (with accompanying insults) of people who had flamed her online out of vengeance.
    • MP Zainudin Nordin posted a quote ‘Gang rape is, after all, democracy in action’ on Facebook. Nobody found his explanations of the quote being ‘taken out of context’ ‘astonishing’.
    • ‘Allison Goon’ posted on Facebook spreading panic about PRCs on a kidnapping spree. Not sure what became of this panic-button presser, but it were a ‘blogger’ instead of an ordinary citizen with a Facebook account, he/she may not only be shamed, maybe even charged for disseminating false information. Because that’s what bloggers do: They lie, they cheat your feelings and don’t have a life.
    • New Nation editor Belmont Lay apologised to TNP for concluding that one of their published photos on ‘rogue cyclists’ was fake. Celebrity blogger and cycling enthusiast Mr Brown fell for their analysis too, with some unkind words for those involved in the shot.

Eh, sorry to MyPaper and New Paper for calling you scumbags for the not-photoshopped bicycle photo. I shall now give myself 20 lashes.

— Kinmun Lee (@mrbrown) May 10, 2013

And then, of course, there’s the state-endorsed monstrosity that is ‘citizen journalism’, where ANYBODY, anonymous or not, can post privacy-invading trivialities or elaborate hoaxes like the STOMP MRT train door incident, which itself is ‘highly defamatory’ to SMRT. Shouldn’t we be wary of such online paparazzi too? Maybe more so since they’re spreading dubious information on an SPH AND MDA-regulated platform.

Not all named bloggers are heroic voices of the masses, nor do all anonymous bloggers want to blow up MBS or post pictures of their genitals, and not all ‘netizens’ who run amok on the Internet are even necessarily ‘bloggers’ in the first place (Some do it through e-mail). Instead of prosecuting the purveyors of falsehoods, how about empowering the gullible for a change? Shouldn’t we equip the ‘less discerning’ public with skill sets that apply not just to lying bloggers, but misleading advertisements or email scams? If we want to call for a fair and objective online community, this persistent ‘blogger bias’ which conveniently ignores the other unpalatable aspects of netizen behaviour on email groups, forums, Facebook, Twitter and even the MSM must end.


24 Responses

  1. To all the multi racial craps ethic races that makes singapura island to what it is today. Dont be proud of this shit achievements yet. U havent reached there at all. Factual.

    Singapura island of today is not becoz of the shitty crap pipol from here but rather its from the two reknowned heavy weights that brought business here in singapura island. One american tycoon who owns las vegas mgm casino empire. Its mr nelson who builds marina bay sands. Not any other tom dick harry oriental asian or chinese frats. Resort World Sentosa was built by malaysian chinese tycoon who also owns big casino empire in Genting highlands in malaysia.

    Kudos to these two men who invested heavily here in singapura island.

    As for the shitty crap men in white PAP colony. What fuck up island progress of today including plenty of hiccups and screw ups related to MRT transportations and transit or trans island public buses in the pasts are owed by fuck up PAP nonetheless.

    Proud of singapura island and its so called rich and full flavoured multi cultural craps here. Lol. Not a chance man. Walang respect to singapore. As long as we anti sgporeans are alive and kicking

    Thank you. No more respect to Sg in a zillion years.

  2. Sg. Oh yes. Mentioning about Sg makes me burst out lol.

    Kiasu kiasee multi racial and more. Uniquely Sg. More like uniquely Sg crap shit.

    From sarong kabaya aka Sq in flight waitresses to chino cheong sam bitches to the red square bandana china woman slogging in constructions site samsui woman.

    Rich history of Sg ? ? Lol. Not quite realistic. Its not rich in history here. But rather rich in the crappiest shit in Sg performing arts.

    Sg a tiny crap shit island on the world atlas map. Lol is nothing to be impressive of or proud of either.

    Sg of today is bcoz of wealthy investments from foreigners. Or it remains a dry and dead well.

    A pathetic island filled with fking asians of all ages and crap shit. Yeah. Overpopulated with filthy stinky multi racial populations. Lol.

    Is there anything more impressive than this ? ?
    Dont think so.

    A sadistic island never to be proud of. True and factual.

    A doomday island only suckers love it. Lol.

  3. Lol. Being a sgporeans has got no pride at all. Its nothing but shit and crap with fellow sgporeans.

    With th PAP as greedy and corrupt as hell. And the multi racial shit communities in Sg. Sg island is better known as thailand number 2.

    First world country ? ? Nay. 2nd world island continent more like it.

    Beautiful garden city ? ? Nay. Ugly and hideous island continent seems better fit than a country.

    Sg island would be a better island without all the fking chinese pipol and its god damn condemned multi racial communities around.

    Asians around the world should be denied the chance of being humans. Coz they dont deserved to live now and in future.

    Yes am proud to be a racist. Racist rulz and reigns forever.

  4. A night safari packed with mynahs hyenas and coyotes.

    Whether its a wet market scenario food courts food centers or the lcl hawker centres island wide.

    Plenty of mynahs and even a school of ravens flying in to joined in the fun. Not for left over foods or scraps on the tables but for other stupid reasons.
    Its a hilarious moments to find out that this is what Singapore is made up of. Lol.

    2018 wishes for sg island is more mishaps rising crime rates and more dangers lurking all over every single place and corners in Sg island.

    Congratulations to Sg island and lets celebrate for all these joyous moments here so they wont disappear forever.
    Keep smiling Sg island. Your days are numbered singapore. Lol.

    To the whole damn boring multi racial communities here enjoyed while u can cinas. Lol.

    Judgement day will be bestowed to hopeless and doomsday sg island by heaven. Lol.

    Enjoyed these sweet moments before it vanishes without a trace. Lol

  5. Comes rain or shine hyenas mynahs and ravens stays here. Worst days are no rain for 3 days in a row. Hyenas ravens and mynahs comes out in flocks island wide.

    Schools and flocks of mynahs and ravens comes out in full force to attack public eateries and squeaking loudly everywhere.

    These large groups of mynahs and ravens are all Sgporean born crap. Thinking that they are witty and brainy than bill gates and steven spielberg american veteran gadgets creator and director.

    Please asians Sgporeans none of you are something compared with the americanos or the europeans.

    Becoz of your filthy cina cultures and heritages upbringings. All Sgporeans are destined to be doomed and die young. Factual. Nothing to be proud of too.

    Dont assumed that your young kids are witty and brawny than that of the white mens kids. All of u are still distances away from such great achievements. Unlike the white kids.

    Save yourselves those boring chinese antics of thinking that juz bcoz you create some apps used in todays smartphones or that you are good in arthimetric sums or you win a debate in international events meaning you are a whiz and proud of it. Lol. Far from it kiasu and kiasee Sgporeans. Far from it man.

    Bcoz of your ethic backgrounds. Not many westerners is interested to know about dull hopeless useless and futureless chinese asians cultures and heritages.

    Kindly looked up in the mirror and asked yrself this. Does the world looked up to you as somebody as great as Nielson Mendera? ?

    No. The truth is you will always be knows as
    Fing fithy chinese asians Sgporeans no matter where in the world you go.

    Even malaysians dont like you either. Only your spending money boosts malaysias economy. Other than that all of you are nothing Sgporeans. Lol.

  6. To serve Sg island with pride intergrity loyalty. Oh my god give me a break will ya.

    Its a dooms island from now till the end of century. Like a rocking titanic on a rough ocean. Saving private ryan in a war movie. Lol.
    Is this all worth it to put your blood sweat and heart to save and defend this pathetic island and its home team members ? ?

    Hilarious indeed. This rocking titanic is awaiting to sink to the depth of the ocean bed forever.

    Satan from hades welcomes all of u with open arms. What cha waiting for Sgporeans. Offered your pathetic souls to the prince of hades to renew a life of eternity.

    Yes thats the way and the spirit fellow boring Sgporeans. Lol.

    21st century modern human slavery. Lol.

  7. Mozzies everywhere. In various public transports in Sg. Worst than the dengue mozzies attacking your homes. This is deadlier.

    Comes rain or shine. You are likely to see them around without fail.

    Morning peak hours, Evening off peak hours.

    For the pasts months mozzies are spotted in various public transports, wet markets, various supermarkets, convenience stores and even more locations.

    Theres in fact more mozzies in Sg than in any other countries outside Sg. Lol.

    Factual. Mozzies of all generations comes together to multiply in tiny island Sg.

    We need a stronger exterminator wipeouts after all. Lol.

    Or else the results is devastating in the future. Lol.

    Sg island is well known for smelly durains, copy cats, boastful buayas etc and now toxic mozzies. Lol.

    What a sweet conclusions.

  8. Yet another SBS Transit bus breaks down and the engine burnt out on bus #80.

    Lol. Singapore a great place ? ? Lol. Hahaha. Plenty of cropped up problems in this tiny island run by chinese government. Hahaha.

    Cina kan. Marlu sia. Lol. Bury in your fing hopeless roots cina. Lol.

    An island run by multi racial and chinese people i dont have faith in this island not to mention multi racial communities. Lol.

    Sense or place of belongings ? ? Hahaha. Not anymore. Lol.

    An island of failures only the chinese people loved it. Lol.


  9. Congratulations to f’up Sg island once again.
    More accidents more disasters more natural calamities.

    This is gods blessings bestowed to Sg for having so many asians and oriental asians pests. Congratulations once again to Sg. Lol.

    Oriental asians are the biggest pests after grasshoppers and maggots.

  10. Congratulations to f’up Sg island.
    Where do grasshoppers, maggots and rodents and roaches comes from ? ?

    From Sg island of course. Where else do you get these pests which spread diseases comes from. Courtesy of PAP and Sg island. Lol.

  11. Plenty of hyenas, mynahs, ravens and even pigeons.

    Hyenas mynahs and ravens spotted at food centres, wet markets, supermarkets and shopping malls.

    Pigeons found in various playgrounds, void decks, fastfoods joints and community centres.

    Barbe wires wannabes can be spotted at various food courts, starbucks, various fast food joints and more.

    Young Sgporeans are like chicken run and phua chu kang pte ltd put together. Lol.

    Singlish chopsticks porcelain spoons and mynahs. Traits of typical Sgporeans. Lol.
    Marlu sia. Lol. Suma cina dat boleh diam. Ini besing hari hari, mingu mingu and bulan bulan.
    Apa ini sia. Sgporeans majam taiee. Ini poo poo. Lol. Busok sia. Lol. Sgporeans.

    Suma dat boleh checkup bagus english.

    Ini check up dialets kan and chumpo cina language. Marlu sia Sgporeans data pride sia. Sikit pun data. Lol. Hahaha.

    Ini gurong garja suma sgporeans boleh tapi proud sia. Bodo suma. Lol. 😄

  12. Matt salleh. Matt salleh. Suma bagus. Asians suma bodo. Lol.

    Big difference kan. Cauasians suma boleh. Asians suma dat boleh. Tapi bagus tipu gurong garja and wayang wayang.

    Sg bagus with Sgporeans ? ? Lol. Suma bodo orang melayu and orang cina. Lol. 😃 😆 😁 😀

  13. Hahaha. Sg island is full of shit n crap as always.

    Whats worst than the boring usual Sgporeans fup cultures n heritages here. Flocks of ravens mynahs n pigeons found everywhere.

    N now with the arrivals of god damn filthy chinese nationals filthy black mama indians from all over india n the filthy vietnamese as well. Looks like the promise of rojak races n cultures comes thru for the smart ass Prime Minister leader of the fing PAP clan Lee Hsien Loong. Your hopes n desires for fing mixed asians races comes true for you.

    As well as your loyal lackeys n faithful woof woof bodyguards from the SPF. Not forgetting the usual crap shit of yr beloved home teams members who served u as woof woof. Lol.
    What else do u still desires more??

    Ah yes. greedy as hell cash money. Just like the self exiled thai former prime minister Thakshin. Asians are indeed a greedy n filthy lot n not to be respected as well.

    Yeah. no respect for all filthy fup asians. Only the whites deserved it.

  14. Hahaha. Sg island is full of shit n crap as always.

    Whats worst than the boring usual Sgporeans fup cultures n heritages here. Flocks of ravens mynahs n pigeons found everywhere.

    N now with the arrivals of god damn filthy chinese nationals filthy black mama indians from all over india n the filthy vietnamese as well. Looks like the promise of rojak races n cultures comes thru for the smart ass Prime Minister leader of the fing PAP clan Lee Hsien Loong. Your hopes n desires for fing mixed asians races comes true for you.

    As well as your loyal lackeys n faithful woof woof bodyguards from the SPF. Not forgetting the usual crap shit of yr beloved home teams members who served u as woof woof. Lol.
    What else do u still desires more??

    Ah yes. greedy as hell cash money. Just like the self exiled thai former prime minister Thakshin. Asians are indeed a greedy n filthy lot n not to be respected as well.

    Yeah. no respect for all filthy fup asians. Only the whites deserved it.

  15. Its friday night again. Here wishing all dumb smart ass n jackass chinese sgporeans all over sg island beverage joints eat drink be merry n stay dead forever asians stupor.

    Lol. Yeah thats right sgporeans doesnt deserves to live till ripe age at all.

    drop dead buttheads jackass idiotic sick n pain in the ass sgporeans chinese morons. Coz you are not wanted at all by the world.

    Nobody loves filthy pigs tails genz chinese sgporeans n wished all to stay dead for decades to come. Thats your rewards from heaven. Unwanted pests. Lol.

  16. Sgporeans again & again. OMG! ! Pain in the ass asians. Bunch of buayas, mynahs, ravens etc.

    Noisy as hell fing asians. Worst than chicken in their coops. Fup Sgporeans of all races.

    Pigs really pigs. As for the malays n indians kambings really kambings.

    Wishes for future is lesser asians the better. Filthy stinky multi cultural n assorted stinky races across the filthy race boards. Lol.

    Boring sia. Dat boleh diam. Suma lagi besing.

  17. its the usual dumb crap shit about Sgporeans.

    even in queues theres chirping noises made by them. Dat boleh diam. I feels that this island is not filled with dumb human beings but rather pain in the ass filthy multi racial asians.

    smart island with proud Sgporeans. Nay. Dumb asses idiots n morons yes. Smart n intelligent. Nay. This is what Sg is made of. Minus out the foreigners here.

    Even with diplomas degrees doctorate. Sgporeans dont made a cut in this world. Bcoz Sgporeans are filthy fing asians to the world.

    No doubt about it. Filthy n stinky with stupid across the ethic groups multi racial shit people.
    Lol. True n factual.

    No class means no class. No doubt about it. Cant compared with the foreigners working here. True n factual.

  18. Cider Pit along joo chiat road is flooded with flocks of Sgporeans buayas when it comes to fridays and saturdays nights.

    Flocks of buayas with their filthy and stinky multi racial women. Both chinese and indians alike. What a stinky and filthy place to hang out during the fridays and saturdays nights.

    Super uncomfortable with multi racial filthy and stinky women around. The stench of wet market. Scents from the fishy mongers selling pomprets.

  19. 365 days a year. Its always about sgporeans. What a boring culture with boring clans of fing multi ethic cultures here in sg island.

    Everywhere you walk in the shopping malls. Along the pavements, on the routes, on board buses trains and various other public transports.

    Its all about filthy fing sg woman and sg young witches. Seriously. I would rather asians women and asians witches dont exists on earth at all.

    I would rather have more white girls been spotted walking on the streets than asians chinese filthy witches and sluts and bitches been spotted on the streets.

    Its so unlucky having asians witches sluts and bitches yakking none stop outside as seems they knew a lot and intellectually smart and witty. Nay !! Asians women are not as smart as most white men thinks so.

    Asian bitches witches and sluts are actually like local media corp television actresses. Acting on the directors written scripts and getting paid while yakking away when the camera rolls.

    Hey all asians sluts bitches and witches. Knocked it off and cut it out will ya. None of you are as witty and smart as you claimed to be. Becoz you are filthy fing asians bitches sluts and witches got it. And none of you deserves any respects from men too.

    All you asians bitches sluts and witches stop acting high class and thinks you know the world as an oyster.

    None of you have reached there yet. Seriously! !
    So quit acting as seems you are intelligent and smart. You are in fact the typical sarong kerbayas vixen sitting on the laps of white guys and white men in pubs and bars.

    A filthy groups of fing asians vixen. And none of you are as pretty beautiful and smart compared to all the white gals whos been chosen and crown as Miss Universe Peagent winner.

    Asians vixens rot in hell and gets burnt with satan in hades. Yeah. Hell is where all of you belongs to. Filthy asians vixens. Lol.

    Congratulations to all stinky and filthy asians vixens in Singapore.

  20. Its the time of the period again. Its again about fing chinese singaporeans.

    Both young and old alike. Yeah this is just how much pipol disliked the tiny island Singapore. And the asians populations here in Singapura island. An island that doesnt have any future becoz its over populated with filthy and stinky asians across the multi racial diversities here.

    On the contrary. Multi racial pipol here in Singapore are shallow and narrow minded. Especially the filthy chinese here. Followed by malays indians and the eurasians.

    Have faith loyalthy and intergrity for Singapura island ?? Forget it man. Not a chance.

    Too many filthy chinese pipol here. Including those from taiwan mainland china and hongkong.

    Respect the fing chinese?? Well kiss my ass to that. Not a zillion years to kowtow to the fing zong guo ren in Singapore.

    Even the fing Lee Hsien Loong and his beloved fing chinese family. Wo Shi Zong Guo Ren. Proud to be a filthy fing chinese. Lol.

    Zong Guo Ren Dou Shi Zu. Nothing to be proud of. Lol.

    Only Singaporeans loved swines. Because they are all pigs. Just like the Peoples Action Parties members and ministers.

  21. Nothing worries me about my unselfish comments here about Singaporeans.

    Its again the same old boring words my son is a President scholar. His always a grade A student in school. Oh please Sgporean women. If your son is so damn good. Then why isnt he working side by side hand in hand with bill gates NASA or even with american president donald trump.

    Quit all your bragging rights to yourself and shut the fuckup ok Sgporean chinese chubby hantu. Your mouth is full of filth and gossips.

    Its better that the lesser you speak. The better it is chubby Sgporean vixen and trumpet. Cause you are a jinx.

    All the sgporeans here across multi racial communities are bitches sluts and vixens.

    The PAP communities are nothing here as compared with light minded europeans.

    Shame on all multi racial pipol and its government. As well as their cultures bull shit.

  22. To all the Sg home team members of Singapore. If you want respect then proved to all that you command one.

    All of you home team members are none other than PAP lackeys(dogs).

    Yeah. Thats you alright. The whole home team in Singapore are none other than lackeys (dogs) in Singapore.

    And so are the PAP members in the cabinets.

    Multi racial are dogs and they represent woof woof in Singapore. Lol.

  23. Heres to all the Sgporeans in tiny island. All of you are orang utans and china panda bear(pioneer generations).

    Hyenas for infants elementary and nursery brats. Coyotes ravens pigeons and mynahs awards goes to Primary junior high and senior high school brats.

    Frankly speaking chinese pipol melayus and black mamas indians Sgporeans just dont deserves the respects you should get 20 years ago.

    But rather the multi racial ethic races here in Sg islands deserves to be condemned for good now and in future.

    Sg island is littered with crappy garbages and trash asians all over. Even if you are driving the flashiest private car in Sg island.

    All of you are known as multi racial trash shit. Garbages packed in black bags ready to be discarded and thrown away in rubbish collections depot by various fast food restaurant outlets.

    is there any pride left in Sg island?? The answers NO.

    Why so its because of the asians here in Sg island. From chinese nationals to vietnams to Indonesians to Taiwans etc.

    On the whole fucking asians are the worst in this planet. No pride at all. Plenty of copycats here and pipol who are trash unwanted.

    Where it all happens. Only here in Sg island.

    Respect asians nay no way. Filthy asians pipol everywhere in the doomed island.

    Only the fucking PAP parties here loved this shit trash place because they are fucking asians. Which no white men really fancy to know if you are europeans.

    Factual and truth.

  24. Singapore society and island isnt worth prootecting nor is it worth defending for it at all.

    Those uniformed personnels are 21st century modern slaves who loves and embraced an island and a fucking hopeless society like Singapore.

    Singapore on the whole is nothing but a fucking island overloaded with fucking chinese pipol followed by malays and the black mama south asians indians and lastly eurasians.

    Nothing to be proud of a tiny island like Singapore. As asians really are not worthy of respect. But white men do.

    Asians are animals actually. Swines dogs actually. Is there any pride and dignity in asians. The truth is no.

    All asians are in fact shameful animals rather than proud human beings. True and factual.

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