Most expensive car in Singapore worth $5.3 million

From ‘Fastest car in Singapore Koenigsegg Agera sold for $5.3 million’, 15 June 2013, article by Fabian Koh, ST

THE fastest and most expensive car in Singapore was unveiled yesterday. The Koenigsegg Agera S hypercar – boasting a 420kmh top speed and a $5.3 million price tag – was revealed to 200 VIPs and guests at a private launch event at the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia hotel.

Handcrafted in Sweden, the car, which runs on regular petrol, took around 4,000 hours to produce and and comes with a 1,040 horsepower twin turbo engine. There are only three other Agera S models in the world – one in America, and two in Hong Kong. Its price tag here includes a $100,000 certificate of entitlement.

The model here was bought by Ms Angela Tan, 38, wife of investor Denis Chua, 40.

…The vehicle’s hefty price tag could buy several other supercars. According to the Land Transport Authority, a new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta registered last month cost about $1.47 million. A new Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB cost about $1.19 million while a Lamborghini Aventador had a price tag of $1.27 million.

The last record for most expensive car was held by the $3.6 million Pagini Huayra in 2012, 3 of which were bought by ‘men in their early 50’s with passion for cars’ who own a collection of Lamborghinis. In 2010, it was reported that a $3 million Pagini Zonda F was bought by entrepreneur and famed car-enthusiast Tommie Goh, (excluding the $11,600 annual road tax and $60,000 insurance premium) whose ‘toy collection’ also included a Ferrari Enzo, F50, F40, F512M, as spotted by a traveller in 2011. He also owns the world’s first F1 simulator worth half a million dollars. If you’re that loaded, why not a fancy arcade game that costs as much as a 4-room flat even if you can choose to zip around town in an actual sportscar with wheels?

Multimillion cars have been around for more than two decades, with a $3.2 million Jaguar XJ220 reportedly owned by a member of the Malaysian royalty way back in 1992. It’s nothing less than gratuitous affluence of a very successful minority of relatively young Singaporeans that explains this supercar craze, with sale of ultra-luxury vehicles holding steady even during an economic slump in 2012, and 60 units of Lamborghini Aventadors worth $1.5 million each being SOLD OUT in early 2011. I don’t know much about hypercars or even cars in general, but the Agera S Hundra looks like it’s drabbed in spandex and something you can use to fight crime with. Some may say such cars will be neutered on our congested streets and therefore a waste of money, but that’s not the point if you’re a millionaire car collector. It’s how SCARCE this sexy beast is that matters. Rich people buy hot rare shit all the time and who are we to stop them?

Batmobile Schatmobile

This high-flying need for speed has risks and consequences though, and I’m not sure what the LTA is doing allowing such ultrafast vehicles on our roads. Ma Chi, the China Ferrari driver who killed himself and 2 others, was zooming about in a limited edition Ferrari 599 GTO which could hit top speeds of 335km/h. This Agera S trumps that by nearly 100km/h, and having a lady driver putting her name down for it offers little assurance that nobody will get mowed down by it some day, like when a naughty valet sneaks a joyride while you’re having dinner at RWS, for example. By the way, GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato. If you don’t own a supercar at least you can impress girls with some racecar trivia. Just don’t pronounce omologato like you’re describing gourmet Italian coffee or ice-cream.

These proud Agera owners probably belong to the same League of Super-rich who live in $300 million Nassim Road bungalows and down Jewel of Pangaeas as nightcaps before they sleep everyday. Or they could be living in Hamilton at Scotts.

For a city state that boasts more Maseratis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis per capita than ANYWHERE in the world (more than 4000 such supercars registered in 2012), what could be more essential than having your supercar right smack in your APARTMENT instead of in a dusty garage, especially if it’s one of out only THREE in the world? It’s the pinnacle of obscene indulgence, that so many Singaporeans have to struggle to find basic housing and yet here at Hamilton we set aside space in the form of ‘sky-porches’ allocated to some filthy rich tycoon’s Ferrari, a car which he wouldn’t drive around much anyway but use it more as a flashy centrepiece to impress guests as a cocktail party where they can discuss carbon fibre finishes all night long.

Thieves would have trouble stealing your million-dollar baby too, not without first plummeting to their fiery deaths if they intend to drive the damn car straight out of the 10th floor of the Hamilton building like in the Transporter movies.  Wait, you don’t even need to plunge down a building to get burnt to crisp in an expensive sportscar anyway. All I’ve got in my humble abode to show for is a bicycle with flat tires. Not handcrafted either. If I handcrafted a car myself it wouldn’t win top prize at a boxcart race, not to mention fetch 5 million dollars.


2 Responses

  1. you can only be as fast as the car in front of you. try driving at 830am and 6pm weekday to find out how fast you can reach

  2. the car is not worth 5.3 Million. Its more like 2 million which is what the majority of people everywhere else in the world will pay. The rest of the money spent on this car goes straight into the pockets of singaporean politicians.

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