Police commissioner distancing himself from Esther Goh

From Police Commissioner distances himself from ex-NCS director Esther Goh, 15 June 2012, article by Leonard Lim, ST

Commissioner of Police Ng Joo Hee is not acquainted with Ms Esther Goh, one of the women who allegedly had sex with former Singapore Civil Defence Force chief Peter Lim Sin Pang in an ongoing corruption court case, the police said on Friday.

The police, in a statement posted on their Facebook page on Friday, made several other points, amid a photo being circulated online of Mr Ng presenting a token of appreciation to Ms Goh, who was previously a director of business development at NCS.

The statement said that Mr Ng ‘deeply regrets that the photograph has been misused by irresponsible persons online as a basis for making vulgarities, inanities and all manner of mischievous innuendos.’ It said that the photo was taken on Oct 12, 2011, during a police charity concert held to benefit the Community Chest.

…The police added that they hope this ‘unfortunate’ turn of events would not dampen support for their annual fund raising charity efforts.

Signed off by Assistant Director Media Relations Ho Yenn Dar, the lengthy disclaimer on the SPF Facebook post also includes the cheesy line ‘Beneath the policeman’s gravitas beats a heart of gold‘,which is like putting too much icing on a very sweet cake. Hosting charity events is just one reason why our police would need a crowd-pleasing Facebook page in the first place. We even had a TV series named ‘HEARTlanders’ in honour of the force, to show audiences that despite their hard exterior and weapons, they are really softies inside. But too much kindness gets in the way of a cop’s work of dispensing hard justice, and all this sentimental emasculating of our boys in blue  through the schmaltzy reach of Facebook may lead many into taking their tough-as-nails peacekeeping role for granted and hence posting rubbish in response to an otherwise harmless photo. If the history of cop characters in action movies has taught us anything,  it’s not the ‘good’ cop who escorts an old lady across the street, but the ‘rogue’, unorthodox cop with an actual personality who bags the supervillians. The only by-the-book cop who ever had movie sequels was ROBOCOP. Every other character synonymous with the movie-cop were either foul-mouthed (Beverly Hills Cop), badass (Dirty Harry, Die Hard) or total pranksters (Rush Hour), and they all broke the rules, the ‘right’ rules at least.

The SPF Facebook page appears to be nothing more than an electronic version of an bulletin board with  ‘Wanted’ posters. It also features C.L.I.F actors in uniform, snippets of the unwatchable Crime Watch and terrible public service slogans like ‘Don’t Get Rubbed’, which should apply to high ranking civil servants as well. I wouldn’t go into the Police Facebook page to view their dinner and dance photos. I want to see celebrity mugshots and REAL videos of policemen catching crooks, not clumsy reenactments.

Police ad rubs women the wrong way

One indication that Facebookers have ceased to take policework seriously was the response to a Photofit image of a suspect who attacked an old woman, with some netizens complaining that the facial composite looked like an ‘alien’, a ‘Mr Giraffe’, and ‘China Ah Beng’. I’ve been more human faces in an Xbox video game. This one looks like the artist only did one half and then mirrored it to give an eeriely symmetrical look. You can even see the line of symmetry running down his face. No laughing matter if you’re a victim of this guy’s assault or rape though.

Physically impossible cap

Nobody’s going to accuse Ng Joo Hee of corruption just because he’s caught smiling on camera and shaking a hand that has slithered its way around a certain SCDF chief’s intimate zones. In fact, no one other than the CPIB accuses policemen of corruption, period. It’s reasonable to state for the record that you have no business dealings with Esther Goh, but to ‘distance’ oneself away from her like a harlot with herpes is overdoing it, perhaps even unfair since we have no details on how the tender tango with Peter Lim came about. Even if this woman were an acquaintance of yours, there’s no reason to sever relations over a scandal like one refusing to be associated with Xiaxue or Steven Lim if your conscience is crystal clear as a Police Commissioner’s conscience is supposed to be. Most people wouldn’t have noticed Ng when the photo was first leaked, which was clearly intended to expose Esther Goh, not him. Now if you want to know how the rest of the IT vendors look like, you’d just have to wait for some high ranking official to come out and DENY EVERYTHING as a preemptive strike against any disrespectful finger pointing.

An ex Prisons chief, Ng Joo Hee was described in a New Paper headline in a 2008 article as ‘IRONMAN, SUPERCOP ‘, a family man with humble beginnings who sports a ‘creaseless’ uniform, runs gruelling triathlons, and has a collection of 10,000 BOOKS. It’s no wonder he has to defend his spotless reputation here, after the media bloated it to such absurd mythical superhero proportions, his whistle as clean as a biohazard containment facility, his appetite for books as voracious as Sherlock Holmes’ taste for pipes, his powers of endurance suggesting that he could have hunted Mas Selamat down solo even if the fugitive had a headstart midway across the Straits of Johor.

It also seems like the media has dropped Ng Joo Hee’s English name in order to avoid confusion with the other uniform-wearing, scandal-laden chief. That’s right,  he’s also called PETER.


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