Policewoman-biting undergrad on probation

From ‘Probation for undergrad who punched, bit, head-butted cops’, 9 June 2012, article in asiaone.com

The undergraduate who attacked four police officers after having too much to drink has been sentenced to 15 months of probation and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. Natasha Wan Xue Wen, 24, pleaded guilty to using criminal force and abusive words on public servants, and behaving in disorderly manner. Wan is also required to stay at home from 11pm to 6am during her probation period. Her parents signed a $5,000 bond to ensure her good behaviour

….At about 4am on October 26 last year, two policemen saw a bouncer escorting Wan, her boyfriend Lim Zhao Ming, and another man out of Zouk. Mr Lim had a cut, and bloodstains on his shirt. The two officers asked if he had been assaulted, and if he needed medical treatment. Mr Lim shouted at the policemen, and Wan suddenly punched an officer in the face and began hurling vulgarities.

When two female police officers arrived to arrest Wan, she put up a struggle. On the way to the police station, Wan head-butted one of the female officers and bit the other on the wrist and hand. The officer who was bitten had to be warded in hospital for six days and given 13 days’ medical leave.

Other than slapping a mandatory curfew on Natasha, someone should consider making her wear a Hannibal Lecter iron face mask during the day as well. From the way she put a cop in hospital for 6 days with a single bite, it’s either this woman has razor-sharp werewolf fangs, rabies, or is a bloodthirsty immortal bride of Dracula. There are also inconsistencies in how stay-home hours are determined. Previous offenders have a 10 to 6 shut-out. That includes a cross dresser flasher doctor.  Natasha got a 1 hour discount for busting up a couple of cops. What gives?

The punishment dealt for sinking your teeth into public servant could be as lenient as a $500 FINE  in the past, although the law says voluntarily causing hurt may get you jailed up to SEVEN years, fined, caned or any combination of these punishments. In this case, Natasha was merely dealt a compulsory early bedtime, this in consideration that she not only tried to eat someone’s finger but HEAD-BUTTED another officer too. Contrast this with what happened in 1999, when a woman was sentenced to 4 MONTHS JAIL and fined $1000 for biting a female officer (Woman jailed for biting policewoman, 6 Aug 1999, ST). Perhaps the judge took her inebriated state into consideration, though one wonders what Natasha would have gotten if she had literally ‘bit off more than she could chew’ in her drunken kicking and screaming state, for instance the victim perished due to some unknown bloodborne contagion, if not a fatal blow to the head. Or if she had run over a cop in her stupor.

No body part of a cop is safe from gnashing teeth, be it  the shoulder elbow  or thigh. Even a policewoman’s BREAST has been made a quick snack of before (Man who bit cop’s breast claims mistrial, 8 Nov 2006, ST).  In 2007, a ‘rowdy mom’ helped herself to a policeman’s CHEST (Rowdy mum fined for biting cop, 11 Oct 2007, ST). If you’re a known HIV-carrier, the charge for voluntarily causing hurt could be amended to ‘attempted murder’ if you bit an officer (Man who allegedly bit cop is a HIV-carrier, 23 July 1994, ST).Though it’s unlikely that this woman carries a transmissible, lethal virus in her saliva, there are other mental disorders to plead just to get a lighter sentence for putting police officers in hospital. Just ask Alex Ong for advice. Except that with a probation she doesn’t need one anymore.



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  1. I once had a friend who sounds just like what you described here.
    She has severe bi-polar disorder and would strikes every time (without fail) at all the discos/clubs with bouncers. It wasn’t until she started on her medication that she behave more ‘normally’.

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