Yaw Shin Leong and the Other Opposition woman

From ‘No comment on ‘affair’ rumours’, 26 Jan 2012, article by Melvin Singh, TNP

IT HAS not been a happy new year so far for the Workers’ Party MP for Hougang, Mr Yaw Shin Leong, who has become the subject of a raging online firestorm. Allegations about his personal life were posted online last Friday and have gone viral on several forums.

His Facebook page was also peppered with postings. While a few suggest that the allegations are a smear campaign, others want him to respond to the allegations or apologise if they are true and move on.

Mr Yaw, who is married, is alleged to have had an affair with a married woman who is a member of an opposition party. The WP leadership is aware of the allegations, but so far everyone connected to the case is keeping mum.

This CNY is fast becoming the Year of the Scandal, with top officials probed for corruption and an Opposition MP harrassed on Facebook for alleged personal indiscretions. Anything coming out of Facebook shouldn’t be taken too seriously, of course, but it’s interesting to note that other than ex-PAP Choo Wei Khiang , it’s usually Opposition MPs in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, though Yaw’s rumour mill is unlikely to take the heat off the SCDF and CNB ‘mystery woman’ angle. Meanwhile, the men continue to be exposed while the women involved remain the key point of speculation and top search hits on Google. This piece of tabloid juiciness ought to make all MPs think twice before using social media as a portal to the masses, or having weird hobbies like taking photos of their domestic helpers in the nude.

In 2003, NMP Steve Chia was forced to resign from NSP after allegations of ‘outrage of modesty’ when nude photos of his maid were uncovered from his home.  Initially refusing, she agreed to take the ‘sexy photos’ upon some mild persuasion after Chia asked her to ‘give it a try’, prompting members of the public to denounce him as some sort of misogynistic slave-driving pervert. He was cleared of any kind of physical naughtiness eventually in 2004, and was back in action again in last year’s GE contesting Pioneer ward. It remains to be seen if his past scuffles with the law, or his ‘master and servant’ erotic play, would affect his chances of ever returning to Parliament, but at least he’s trying.

The question then, is whether what a politician does behind closed doors, be it a fetish for nude maids or playing footsie with a fellow Opposition party member, should be an indicator of his failing as an effective leader. PAP MPs, I’m sure, have their own skeletons in the closet by virtue of being only human, or are subconsciously suppressed from fulfilling their wildest, sickest porno dreams by an all-white uniform, which essentially serves the same purpose as a mirror in front of a glutton gorging on his favourite food.

Being a  serial womaniser and unfaithful to one’s spouse hasn’t stopped other men from being successful and ascending to top ranks outside of government. Some would even say it’s a default perk for simply being in such a position, notwithstanding how such men will get their ‘just deserts’.  The initial gut sentiment to a cheating politician would be of disgust and mistrust, but as with powerful men with a soft spot for the ladies everywhere in the world, it’s a tussle between how the electorate perceives personal moral ambiguity vs getting a job done well and justifying a million-dollar salary, regardless of his insatiable sex drive.  I wonder if even the wisdom of colleague Chen Show Mao could save Yaw from this mess. Incidentally, Yaw, born in 1976, is a Dragon baby and like our PM, has a dragon character in his Chinese name. I wonder what his geomancer has to say.

Postscript: Yaw eventually resigned as WP Treasurer but continues to serve as MP pretending that nothing happened, a tactic which is drawing fury from both PAP and WP supporters alike. Ex presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian also chipped in to the debate of whether Yaw’s personal indiscretions should be brought to light, with some Forum writers complaining that Yaw keeping his trap shut is taking the ‘ostrich approach’. Meanwhile rumours are flying about that a PRC  was involved as well, and before you know it random women would make their sex claims to fame like how Tiger Woods was swamped in the past. I’m not sure anymore if this call for Yaw to tell the truth is to display the ‘transparency’ that WP extols and to uphold ‘moral authority’,  or merely to satisfy the lustful curiosity of a tenacious public simultaneously kept in the dark about a certain IT woman in the SCDF/CNB case.

If, at this point,Yaw denies, there will be disbelief. If he says ‘Yes, I cheated on my wife’, the tabloid juice will start gushing again, with the electorate divided over whether to accept the confession or use this as further reason for him to quit politics altogether. Many quarrels over how a liar and cheat can function in his current capacity, but if WP decides that keeping mum is a gamble they’re willing to take, then so be it. Yaw has another 4 years of fervently hoping Hougang residents would forget about this  incident altogether, starting off by churning out a Hokkien ditty titled ‘Ai Bia Jia Eh Yia’ (Must Fight Then Can Win) at a recent dinner with residents.

Pah See Buay Zao

Update 15 Feb 2012: I said too soon. Yaw gets sacked from WP and it appears he did not ‘bia’ hard enough to keep these allegations at bay.  In a way this sudden time-out from politics would be good for Yaw to sort out his personal life away from the limelight. Guilty or not, this episode is an example of what Facebook and social media can do to a politician’s career.


8 Responses

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  2. Todate, there is no evidence pointing to Yaw’s affairs.
    It seems like a sabotag case more than anything. I am not sure whether PAP people are behind all these just to win back Hougang. Politics are really dirty to resort to such agenda.

  3. Rest assure that if there is a hint of sleaze or suspected behaviour unbecoming when opposition people are concerned, that Melvin guy from TNP would be there to add salt to fire , even if those allegations
    eventually turn out to be false.
    Somebody ought to sue the pants off that bayi to get some justice.

  4. […] Millions of people asking the wrong questions. Most of the discussion was not focused on “Is this real or all-fiction?”, but rather “Why should the personal affairs of a politician be subject to public criticism.” And it’s a completely silly question to ask. To illustrate my point, here are some of the gems that I found lying around.      The question then, is whether what a politician does behind closed doors, be it a fetish for nude maids or playing footsie with a fellow Opposition party member, should be an indicator of his failing as an effective leader.  LINK  […]

  5. My whole point is: Having a ****** affair matters. Okay? Politicians should be subject to higher scrutiny than the rest of the people, because at the end of the day, they are, representing the people. And on the issue of infidelity, this is no longer a small one like visiting a strip club for an hour every month. People have died, arguments have been fought, hell even whole wars have been waged over this issue in the past. I think, and I believe many agree, that cheating on your loved ones is one of the most assholic things you can do in the world. Period.

  6. […] has been alleged that Yaw Shin Leong, a member of the opposition Workers Party, has been having an extra-marital affair with a woman also from the Workers Party. The timely release of this report has led to some […]

  7. […] has been alleged that Yaw Shin Leong, a member of the opposition Workers Party, has been having an extra-marital affair with a woman also from the Workers Party. The timely release of this report has led to some […]

  8. The alleged extra-marital affairs may be true judging from the fact that he prefers to keep mump and the 3 women in question did not choose to deny it but one china woman have in fact admitted.
    That as it may, what worries me most is not his infidelity or some may call it his personal indiscretions,( I have little time for it.) The most troubling thing for me is whether he is a PAP ‘ trojon horse’ all this while out to discredit the opposition course.

    Well, in Malaysia we have this chap called Saiful, a former UNMO party activist, later defected to Anwar’s party, became his close aide and later turned accuser in the Anwar sodomy case.

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