RI boy victim of ‘rioting with a dangerous weapon’

From ‘Suspects involved in RI student stabbing arrested’, 2 Dec 2011, article in Asiaone.com

Five youths believed to be involved in the stabbing of a Raffles Institution student have been arrested by the police…Aged between 15 and 17, they allegedly attacked two 17-year-old secondary school students, Anand from Raffles Institution and Don Tan from St Andrew’s Secondary School, after a staring incident at a McDonald’s outlet in the Potong Pasir area on Dec 1.

…Don escaped with a bruised eye but Anand was stabbed in the back. The assailants fled the scene later….The five suspects will be charged in Court on Dec 3 for the offence of Rioting Armed with a Deadly Weapon.It is punishable under Section 148 read with Section 149 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224. They can be jailed up to 10 years and can also be caned.

It strikes me as quite an understatement to refer to a brutal gang attack as ‘rioting with a dangerous weapon’. Riots are mostly the fiery climax after protesting for a cause, or a violent, explosive reaction to a perceived injustice. A group of disgruntled employees unfairly sacked from their jobs have reason to ‘riot’ and tear down their ex-company’s offices. If I paid $500 to see a band perform but they fail to show up I have a reason to ‘riot’ and mob the stage with angry fans. Most riots have rioters venting their rage on inanimate objects or the police trying to subdue them. They don’t go around asking people ‘What’s their problem’ with penknives tucked behind their socks ready to stab people in the back.

Beating a stranger up over a petty ‘staring incident’ isn’t ‘rioting’, it’s an impulsive, malicious infliction of harm,  assault, attempted murder or murder, depending on whether the victim emerges from the scuffle with a slap in the face or ends up in the morgue after marking his last location alive with pools of blood. Likewise, hunting someone from a rival clan down out of vengeance isn’t ‘rioting’, it’s premeditated murderous stalking with intent to harm. Rioting implies a higher brain function, while attacking people just because one is ‘buay song’ for being stared at is common to the primal traits of a murderous cannibalistic troupe of alpha-male chimpanzees. Except that unlike animals fighting over mates or territory, these hooligans are getting into trouble essentially over nothing, though such pointless aggression could be a relic of how our ancestors genuinely behaved against outsiders in the past to keep their tribe in one piece, or just to show-off who’s ‘boss’ short of telling the whole clan how big their testicles are.

But here’s a bloody history of what we now call ‘rioting with a dangerous weapon’, where one can surmise that you’re at the highest risk of getting involved in a staring incident if you’re an NSman walking around on a public holiday.  You don’t have to be in a ‘gang’ to be targeted, nor would you necessarily be attacked by one . Get out of places with alcohol, bottles, chairs and kitchen knives IMMEDIATELY if you ever suspect aggravating anyone. Hiding in the toilet in a bid to let the incident ‘blow over’ is a bad idea. Don’t stare at groups of teenage GIRLS, and attacks can happen anywhere as long as there are people and you’re not blind.

2010: 18 year old punched and kicked on Christmas Eve, Downtown East Pasir Ris after attacker confronted him with an ‘Eh, what’. On Christmas night, an NS man was bashed outside Takashimaya, Orchard Road. In Feb, A WOMAN was fined $800 for ‘disturbing the peace’, fighting with another at Boat Quay over a staring incident. Later in the year,  Darren Ng, 19, was hacked to death at Downtown East Pasir Ris. Though initially cited as a ‘staring incident’, police later confirmed that it was gang-related.

1997: NS Goh Tee Chuan men died after injuries in karaoke lounge toilet after staring incident involving ‘bar stools, bottles and glasses’. Ironically the lounge was called ‘Happy Palace’ and it was the fourth day of Chinese New Year.

1989: 15 year old murdered by in a gang attack on New Years’ Day outside 7 Eleven. In the same year, 3 schoolgirls were beaten up and robbed in Amara Hotel toilet by teenage girl gang.

1988: NS man stabbed thrice by gang at a Telok Blangah playground during Deepavali after a staring incident.

1985: Man injured in a brawl involving broken bottles. One group was PLAYING CHESS when the staring incident occurred at Pandan gardens.

1982: Two NSmen brothers stabbed at a road junction. Probably one of the first cases of ‘rioting with dangerous weapons’.

1980: Man killed after being slashed by a meat chopper at Adam Road Hawker Centre. Case classified as ‘murder and attempted murder’

1978: NSman killed after an attack involving ‘sticks and poles’ at Lorong Chuan.

1969: Market shop assistant knifed in the neck after a staring-induced argument with another shop assistant at Changi market

1959: Soldier killed in a fight over a staring incident near New World amusement park, which involved policemen and soldiers. Victim turned out to be a secret society member.

1939: Hokkien sundry goods dealer SHOT IN THE THIGH at Duxton Road after a staring confrontation.


2 Responses

  1. Basically the way this incident is reported is yet another instance of enforcement of laws and order not going right.

    If we want law and order, it is not enough to have laws and regulations of all kinds to deter people from crimes. What is the root cause of human problems like crimes and profiteering at the expense of others.

    Your guess is as good as mine – self-ness, self-centeredness or greed.

    We can compare how two nations have been governed and the results obtained so far – China and Singapore.

    China’s Deng Xiao Peng set a personal example how a leader should behave by refraining from autocratic rule letting go of his political power by bringing up a team of future leaders based on trustworthiness of character avoiding self-centered promotion of self.

    We have witnessed how China ever since the personal example setting by Deng at least over the period from Deng to now have progressed in leaps and bounds overtaking many nations in nation building and economic modernization.

    Look at what our own Singapore leaders have done throughout this period – meritocracy and inclusiveness, ended up with self-rewards of ministers and their own elites causing a widening rich-poor divide as predicted by Dr. Catherine Lim our lone social activist.

    So many of you who prefers the result-oriented approach which may not even be written about in books on management are not dead wrong in saying look east, look at what China has done!!!

    We are in a box. Just have to get out of that box.

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