National flag hung upside down outside CC

From ‘Upside down national flag seen at Tampines CC’, 24 Aug 2011, article by Shaun Tan, MyPaper

THE Tampines Central Community Centre (CC) has come under fire from irate netizens, after a photograph of a national flag hung upside down outside its premises was posted online. The flag was among others hoisted correctly on metal poles outside the premises in Tampines Street 83.

…Mr Chia, 43, a sales manager, said: “A man went into the CC’s office to notify the staff that the flag was upside down. He was pretty peeved, and demanded that the issue be attended to immediately.”

He added that the staff member confirmed that the flag was upside down, before getting the caretaker who raised it to rectify the mistake.

Netizen pyjstein said: “Flying flags upside down is an internationally recognised signal of distress.”

In a statement to my paper, the People’s Association (PA) confirmed that the incident took place last Saturday. A PA spokesman said: “The Singapore flag should be treated with utmost respect at all times.

All hung up over upside down flag

Well this is embarrassing. The PA, fresh from an ensuing call for its blood after the mishandling of Chen Show Mao’s Seventh Month dinner invitation, has found itself in another muddle here, with one of its CC’s failing to erect our flag in its right orientation. Hanging a flag upside down may be the international sign of distress presumably during wartime, but in the current battle over open spaces between PAP and WP, it’s not the country that is in trouble but the PA for ‘chope-ing’ public areas for their grassroots advisers to stake a claim on the constituency they lost in the past elections, like a clumsy triad leader allocating stolen territories to the lackeys of their Chairman and Board members but leaving his back gate open to attack.

The presidential candidates have snapped on the  injustice of this turf-war in a predictable bid to dazzle voters, though one has to wonder if such enthusiasm for fairness and equality would fizzle out eventually.  Frankly I’m already getting tired of the same old catchphrases that the 4 Tans are regurgitating, with words like ‘non-partisan’ and ‘checks and balances’ being tossed about like cheap confetti at a motel wedding, which probably explains why they’re capitalising on this gaffe to show off some mediator skills. Not that it matters anyway, with PAP losing candidates like Desmond Choo having the cheek and bad timing to ask of PA to lease 6 sites from HDB directly for his grassroots events, ignoring the presidential cry totally. But back to upside down flags. In 1976, a similar shame befell the Soviet embassy at Nassim Road (Yes, we actually had a SOVIET embassy), though the Commies were quick to deny they ever mislaid the hammer and sickle (Day when a hammer and sickle flew upside down, 2 June 1976). Probably not the only thing that we and the Soviets have in common, though. Think state-controlled media, but I digress.

Here’s a sample of countries whose flags look the same way whichever way you hang it. With economical and symmetrical designs, the governments of these nations had at least the foresight to spare their flag bearers the hassle of figuring which way is up before raising them up flagpoles. Rumour has it that it was a PRC who’s responsible for this at Tampines, and incidentally the stars on the China flag are in the same top left hand corner as our Singapore flag, a position which would look most natural for key symbols on any flag. Whether it’s a schoolboy error or a form of protest, a disgraced flag may be understandable along HDB corridors along with personal sundry, but a full frontal embarrassment outside a PA premise is  like putting a Kick Me sign on one’s rear end, not that anyone needs prompting anyway.







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  2. you had it wrong, Desmond Choo wasn’t an EX-MP. He didn’t even
    pass the post in the last GE. So the correct term should be
    a very sour defeated PAP MP wannabe

  3. Perhaps they got a foreign “talent” worker to hang these flags. Hahaha!

  4. How can no mgmt from the CC check that this is done properly? What a shame! The fault and responsibilities lie in the workers who hanged the flag as much as the CC mgmt, for failing to do a simple check, after it is done. What a shame!

  5. Whoever misraised the flag was probably prophetic about the PA in dire situation, what with LHH, C. Phua and the loser D. Choo trying to rebut WP’s revelation of the underhand goings on between HDB and PA.

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