LKY is very sorry for Singapore

From ‘Lee on First World Parliament and 2 party system’ 27 July 2011, article in

Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has spoken again, this time warning against Singapore moving towards a two-party system.

In a recent interview with China Central Television (CCTV), Mr Lee makes a reference to the “First World Parliament”, a goal emphasised by the Worker’s Party in the recent General Election.

He notes that many Singaporeans now desire a “First World Parliament” and a two-party system.

Mr Lee says, “Their argument is simple. A First World country must have a First World Parliament. A First World Parliament must have a First World opposition. Then you can change dice. I think if ever we go down that road, I’ll be very sorry for Singapore”.

OK former MM, be very sorry for us, now leave the country you created alone. The GE is long over and the First World Parliament concept has been ‘koyoked’ to death. While Aljunied residents are living to repent for voting in the party that came up with the First World theme, LKY is still harping on the ideology in the same cursory manner as he would if he were still running for election.   While no one will doubt that his words hold the same weight whether or not he relinquishes the minister post, it remains to be seen if this old man will ever use the word ‘sorry’ in its original context, as in ‘I’m SORRY I said things about Malays’, and all those stuff about Johor (muggings, carjackings),  Costa Rica,  Myanmar, and Kim Jung Il.’

On the flipside, just take a look at how many people/organisations have publicly apologised, or forced to apologise, to LKY and his ilk over the last few DECADES, an astounding feat of reputation preservation to be truly proud of in the twilight years of one’s political career.

1. SDP (over remarks made in the 2006 NKF scandal)

2. New York Times (2010, for calling the PAP a dynasty)

3. The Economist (2004, for Ho Ching’s Temasek appointment as a ‘whiff of nepotism’)

4. JB Jeyaretnam (1997, for defamation)

5. Barisan Sosialis (1973,  personal attacks)

6. The Star (1991), Yazhou Zhoukan (1996) for libelous articles

7. International Herald Tribune (1994, nepotism)

8. Low Thia Khiang (2006, James Gomez Affair)

9. Bloomberg (2002, defamation)

10. Chee Soon Juan (2002, defamation during GE)

11. United Front (1977, defamation)

12. Chan Yang Ling, trader (1977, for slander, corruption)

13. Utusan Melayu and Tan Sri Syed Jaafaar Albar (1968, for libel)

14. The United States Government (1965, ‘improper activities’)

I feel sorry too, MR Lee, for all the people forced to say sorry to you all these years; the politicians, the CIA, newspapers, magazines and opposition parties, all of whom eating humble pie and kowtowing was the preferred option because counter-suing  or paying huge sums of money would be career suicide. Perhaps once, just once, the apology makers  above and the rest of us have felt sorry for you too, when your wife died a year back, but one can’t help wondering if you would have been the better man if you’d simply learnt how to forgive. It’s not too late to make peace, sir, if only you’d stop complaining about an amnesiac Singapore not going the way you desire it to be.


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