MG Chan Chun Sing and the Lees

From ‘澄清网上所传 陈振声:我与李家没关系’, 26 May 2011, article in (LHZB)



在照片中,陈振声与丧家家属站在一起,就在李光耀和李显龙总理背后不远处。上载照片的网民Pamela Ang因此质疑陈振声和李家有关系。





Translation: MG Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister of MCDYS, was spotted by an eagle-eyed Facebooker  in a video segment of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral, which coincided with a suspicious, circulating rumour that his mother, Monica Lee Kim Mon, is LKY’s sister i.e he is the nephew of LKY. Turns out that MG Chan really was present but not in the capacity as a relative.

It all seems to fit nicely doesn’t it. A pet favorite. Instant ministerial position. Fresh out of the cookie-cutter PAP mould. Put a couple of facts together and you’ll have a conspiracy theory hotter than an amateur sex video. What’s disturbing about this, other than people freeze-framing creepy video stills from someone’s funeral, is how a single unverified post could snowball into accusations of favoritism and planned succession within the Lee clan, and how trollers will believe anything as long as it comes accompanied with the remotest visual hint of blood ties.  Any anonymous source with intimate knowledge of the Lee family tree will be taken by the lay reader to be an ‘insider’ rather than a bored tabloid writer with a taste for scandal. Perhaps Phillip Yeo was right when he said that the iPhone is making dummies of us all. With our misplaced faith in the authenticity of web content and instant gratification paralysing our capacity for rational, deliberate thought, I wonder if such rumours which MPs will have to waste their time dispelling on Facebook is hampering them from doing anything useful on the ground at all.

A little detective work can put this wild speculation to rest (see below Chun Sing: ‘Ridiculous dream’ comes true, 20 Aug 1988, ST and ‘Thanks, Mum’ 8 March 1988, ST), where it clearly shows that Chan’s mother is no Lee at all, though anyone who wants to persist in ridiculously elaborate cover-ups and alibis will never be convinced even if MG Chan were to post results of a DNA test online just to prove detractors wrong. Seriously, why would the media lie about a 19 year old teenager’s parentage and make a Truman Show out of him for the next twenty odd years? Taking potshots at politicians is the new celebrity divorce, which only reinforces Aristotle’s observation that ‘man is by nature a ‘political animal’. Perhaps he had a pack of hungry ambushing scavengers in mind.


4 Responses

  1. Thought I read somewhere on the Net that CCS was there because as Chief of Army, he got to arrange for the gun-carriage etc.

  2. And I read a PAPster filed a police report against the blogger who posted it. Makes one think twice about posting anything about ministers

  3. But it’s true that Monica Lee married a Chan

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