Don’t worry, be PAP-py

From ‘Shanmugan to Workers’ Party: Reveal your real aim’, 23 April 2011, article by Rachel Chang, ST

(K Shanmugam, Minister of Home Affairs and Law): So now we have it: They (Workers’ Party) want to block government policy. The aim is, of course, to take over the Government. There is nothing unique about an opposition party wanting to do that…what’s unique is an opposition party denying it wants to do that, and for the real picture to be teased out, bit by bit…Why is the WP so reluctant to admit this is what it really wants…because once they admit this, then Singaporeans will see what it means by a First World Parliament.

…The WP can’t have it both ways:claims it wants a First World Parliament but refuse to identify any First World country, and also refuse to identify in what respects its model will be unique.

From PAP slams Opposition ‘loan’ scheme, 23 April 2011, article by Esther Ng and Ansley Ng, Today online

…Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng slammed the move by the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) to “loan” three of its members to the Reform Party to contest for Group Representation Constituency (GRC) seats. Meanwhile, Education Minister Eng Hen, who is the PAP’s organising secretary (special duties), yesterday challenged the Opposition to be bold enough to say that they want to form the government.

Mr Wong, who is leading the PAP’s team in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, said all political parties must have specific goals and values. “Once they say ‘I can borrow a member here, a member there’, what does it mean? I’m not sure they understand what they stand for. It’s for the people to decide if that’s a kind of team they want to vote for,” said Mr Wong.

…Speaking on the sidelines of a visit to a market at Toa Payoh Vista, Dr Ng said:”If they can convince voters that they can build a better government … take care of Singapore better than the PAP government, voters will vote for them. Otherwise, voters will say, ‘I will trust the people that have delivered’.

From ‘PAP flags line the street in Bishan-Toa Payoh’, 23 April 2011, article by Ansley Ng,Today online

The appearance of People’s Action Party (PAP) flags in some parts of the island such as Toa Payoh and Bishan has sparked discussion in cyberspace. Several photographs of PAP flags being put up have appeared online, with some netizens wondering whether it was legal for political parties to do so at this point in time. According to the Parliamentary Elections Act, the election period begins when the Writ of Election is issued.

It's Flag-day, Flag-day, gonna get down on Flag-day

Hear ye, Singaporeans, for we face the greatest threat to our sovereignty. The Opposition wants to take over the Government. Do not panic, for the flags of the ruling party are raised and we’re armed for war. We assure you, that they cannot, will not, replace us, even if they conspire and mingle, joining forces to do battle against us. We are strong and we shall stave off this invasion as what we have been doing all these years, keeping our enemy at bay, dispelling every poisoning ideology and slogan that they throw at us.  Together, we shall prevail! Majulah Singapura!

And that sums up the emotion rankling the PAP now, which is simply, a deep fear of being overthrown and losing power to an untested legion of Opposition candidates. It’s the kind of pedantic script chockful of threats of whispering conspiracy that a nation’s leader would write during Invasion of the Body Snatchers rather than a general election. Of course Dr Ng En Hen would doubt the credibility of any party claiming that it can match up, if not do a better job, than the ruling party. Everything that our Opposition offers on paper would be merely that, hastily shot down by a ruling government with the diatribe that our successful history under its rule speaks for itself. Which brings us to a ‘uniquely Singaporean’ Catch-22. No one will know how the Opposition will perform because the only way for a party to be put to the test and make Dr Eng swallow his words is to actually RULE THE COUNTRY and practice what its manifesto preaches, an option which was never accessible for the past 50 odd years and probably not achievable in my lifetime. In scientific-speak, you could say the PAP has been ruling without placebo control, meaning we’ll never know if we’re just as well without it, and Singapore has been a open-label, non-randomised, non-blinded experiment all this while. So, like a worrying parent, it’s only natural that they are uncomfortable with handing their child over to a first-time surrogate mother, because, like the PAP, (biological) Mummy knows best. Even our PM admitted that the government worries about everything all the time, even coining it ‘Paranoid Government’ (see below, 12 April 2007, Today) How such an Orwellian moniker doesn’t keep our citizens awake at night escapes me entirely.

Still, it’s probably a good thing that the PAP is pissing its pants worrying obsessively so that they don’t lapse into complacency, which is good for Singaporeans in general. But it’s high time we change the ‘we’ve been there, done that, and you don’t know a thing about ruling Singapore’ argument and adopt a ‘Hmm, what if’ mindset which would be more fruitful instead of shoving the ‘You think you so clever is it’ boot into the mouths of the Opposition. Because only God knows what we’ll be without the PAP.  I have never read the WP manifesto, but I’m certain being ‘paranoid’ isn’t on the agenda of a ‘First World Parliament’. Just ask Kim Jung Il.


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  1. Gdy2shoez: u got such insightfully wonderful posts on politics, esp on run up to GE, dat it’s an awful shame tt u appear not to b on radar of my fav aggregators/curators ie applemenu n sgdaily!

    • Thanks but on the contrary i’m quite a newbie to all this and just riding on search hits to boost my site stats! Maybe attention seekers are banned from the aggregators u mentioned ha

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