I could pass off as a teenage boy

From ‘It’s not about the mane attraction’, 7 Nov 2010, article by Lee Wei Ling, Think, Sunday Times

…Before setting off on hiking trips, I would cut my hair really short so I would pass off as a boy, and hopefully not be attacked. But this strategy backfired once.

…I was walking by the road (Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Fransicsco) when a middle-aged Caucasian with a beard drove past me. He stopped, wound down his window and offered me a ride. I declined and turned around to walk back to the cafe.

…I think he was homosexual and thought I was a boy, so tried to pick me up. I was in my early 30s then, but unless one looked at me carefully, I could easily have passed off as a teenage boy.

…I must admit my haircut does not flatter me. But my facial features are aesthetically challenged in any case, and I doubt any hairstyle, no matter how fancy, could make me look better. The people whose opinion matter to me do not judge me by appearance, but by my character and my ability.

Lee Wei Ling’s seemingly modest conclusion to an article that veers dangerously close to Sumiko Tan levels of probing insight sounds more like one giving a defensive middle-finger to anyone who would have the nerve to think her face is ‘aesthetically challenged’. Snigger-worthy euphemisms aside, there’s no denying that this woman does have ability, considering her current position in NNI, and a certain character, for the sheer fact that what she writes is interesting enough to warrant a posting on this blog.  However,  for a woman of her calibre, stereotyping a little over-friendly gesture by a stranger (emphasis on middle-aged, Caucasian. With a beard.) as a potential homosexual assault is just uncalled for. It’s almost as criminal as the self-flattery that she looks like a youthful teen  to compensate for her not-so-feminine features. Of course most women don’t go out of their way to snip their locks just to ward off rapists before taking a stroll through the woods, but we’re talking about a woman who has steely commando aspirations here, not some androgynous Tinkerbell. I’m sure that with her innate killer survival instincts, dispatching horny homosexuals for displaying the slightest sign of wink-wink-nudge-nudge would be as effortless as spouting defensive cliches about how ‘looks don’t matter’. Well, so now we know two things.  One,  successful, intelligent women don’t waste their time with hairdos . And two,  if you have a pixie hairdo and are approached by a stranger who wants to offer you a lift, please, for the love of God, for your own safety,  ASSUME that he’s mistaking you for an adolescent male prostitute looking for a good time. Watch out for the BEARD especially.


2 Responses

  1. So now, instead of passing herself off as a teenage boy, she could pass herself as a middle-aged man. Brilliant!

  2. […] Singapore saying that she’s hot stuff. She’s “eccentric“, is glad of “looking like a boy“, writes books about “being a woman” while doing everything she can to avoid […]

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