Esplanade not at Esplanade station

From ‘So, where’s the Esplanade?’, 10 Oct 2010, article by Natasha Ann Zachariah in Sunday Times

The (MRT) train station is called Esplanade, but it is not at all near Esplanade.

…(Janet Ng): You expect to immediately enter the Esplanade when you come up from the station. Instead, the directions lead me back through CityLink Mall to get to the Esplanade Underpass.

…(Dawn Tan): They should have made an extension of City Hall rather than a new station.

…An online poll was conducted between March and May in 2004 to pick names for stage 1 to 3 Circle Line stations…Esplanade garnered 49% of the vote, compared to its closest rival ‘Memorial Park’ (41%)

…(Boey Wei Shan): They should put the estimated walking time next to the sign for the Esplanade. At least that would mentally prepare people for the walk.

The fault probably lies with the folks who voted online for the Esplanade station name, people who have probably never taken the MRT, or those who have but just clicked because Esplanade sounds ‘catchier’, nevermind that it’s probably faster to get to the Theatre from City Hall MRT instead.  It’s also the media’s fault for being lazy and truncating the full description of the Esplanade, i.e Esplanade – Theatres On the Bay, to the durian icon simply called ‘Esplanade’ that we’ve become so familar with and love. Still, one wonders why no one opted to call it Suntec City, instead of the befuddling Memorial Park, or if it were to be relocated to somewhere around One Fullerton near the Victoria Theatre and Asian Civilisations Museum where all arts venues are within 5 mins walking distance, another candidate could be a generic Heritage Square, or perhaps City Hall. But wait, that’s already taken, and no surprise, City Hall MRT station was also never near City Hall (the building) in the first place. Too little, too late anyway.

On the flipside, this also says a lot about Singaporeans being spoilt by train stations that burrow right into the air-conditioned basements of shopping centres so that they don’t have to walk through hot underpasses or God forbid, under the sun.  Soon enough, we’ll be identifying our towns by their shopping malls rather than the geography itself. Ang Mo Kio would be Ang Mo Kio Hub station. Tampines MRT will be Tampines Mall station, etc etc. More station confusion on the Circle Line here.


See Bay Far siah





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  1. I just went there and realized the walk was a bit longer than I expected. great post!

  2. […] came across this wonderful post by Singaporean Blogger ‘Everything Also Complain which explained my confusion about the esplanade circle line stop seeming a bit far from the […]

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