How not to fly a flag

From ‘Not the way to treat the flag’ 24 July 2010, Today online

(Wong Kit Peng): I WAS appalled by the use of the Singapore flag in the “Paint The Town Red And White” installations displayed at Dhoby Ghaut Green, one of which has various flags arranged haphazardly, pointing downwards, to resemble a campfire.

…How can such a lack of decorum and respect be associated with patriotism and creativity? I am aghast that this monstrosity is in full view of drivers and pedestrians, Singaporeans and foreigners alike.

Seeing red. And white

Looks like a greater insult to art than to our sovereign state, or perhaps this ‘haphazard’ tribute to National Day is the fortuitous aftermath of a passing microburst. Apparently most of us have been taught in school that the national flag shouldn’t touch the ground, according to this ‘Poly student’ in a 16 Aug 1988 letter ‘Hawkers did not respect flag’. Considering that the creators of this ‘monstrosity’ are NUS design students and should know better, we shall duly give them the benefit of doubt and assume that the original structure is really a majestic piece of patriotic art that hasn’t been mangled by the weather.

Always play it safe with anything to do with National Day, a harsh lesson learned last year from local band Electrico’s miscalculated attempt at infusing pop-rock elements into our NDP song.


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  1. […] You can’t use the flag as an artistic device without seeking permission and the people at Wild Rice should have realised this based on past crackdowns on our flags being ‘abused’ in the name of art. […]

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