Sarong panty girls

From ‘年轻女郎越穿越大胆 穿透明沙龙上夜店’ 8 June 2010, article in

…现在的年轻女子到夜店消遣时所穿的衣着越来越“无拘无束”…在热门的夜店看到一些妙龄女郎,只用一条扎头发的丝巾来当“裙 子”穿,然后再穿一件几乎是透明的连体泳衣。




Translation: A Wanbao reader has been observing that girls at nightspots are wearing lesser and lesser these days, with one found to be wearing a headscarf or sarong for a dress, and a transparent swimsuit on top of it. Many female clubbers  have the tendency of exposing their breasts in full view . Some interviewed men even think they dress bolder than prostitutes.

Of course it’s rather strange that it would be men of all people to complain about sexy dressing or lack of for the matter. For most men, the only instance of complaining about a bare back or exposed nipples on another woman would be to their girlfriends or spouses, in mock  revulsion when it’s actually a convenient excuse to gawk secretly. It’s kinda like tucking into a bucket of KFC while bemoaning the unethical practices of chicken coop production. They’re really just short of blaming provocative attire for turning them into rapists, an argument of course, as old as the first exposed neckline on Vanity Fair.

Sarongs, in the form of the non-transparent and thigh-covering kebaya, have irked some for their lack of functionality, especially when worn by SIA stewardesses, as can be seen from this ST letter ‘Sarong Kebaya and Air Safety’ 10 Aug 1968. 1968! The SIA uniform is freakin more than 40 years old!

Unfounded concerns nonetheless, considering that the ‘restrictive dress’ is not what modern passengers are worried about these days, rather SIA stewardesses’ command of the English language. The intention of the ‘flowing encumbrances’, naturally, is to give our Singapore Girls a geisha-like tiny-feet-shuffle while serving you your coffee or tea, and looking at our airline safety track record, one can say the hypothesis of hampering of life-saving manoeuvres by the uniform remains to be tested till this day. Shorten it for functionality though, and you’ll have an infinite regress of people complaining that it’s ‘too short’ or ‘too sexy’. Which indeed has happened, but that’s for another blog post altogether.


2 Responses

  1. – those girls must china/thai girls
    – who becuz their parents/relatives/noisy neighbours are not here in sg so they can dress like that to hook sg men without being disowned
    – they successfullyhook sg men by flashing titty ( i know a fat singaporean lawyer woman who did that to some1’s bf and successfully stole him away)
    – so moral of story flashing titty works.
    – after they hook sg men they demand HDB/ CPF from them
    – then they make themselves preggy with sg men kid so they can get PR and hao lian back home that they are ‘expat’ now
    – sg women who dun fancy these loser men get blamed by government y no marry y no preggy
    – so poor sg women left lonely n no tax rebates no rights to HDB shd go dress up as slutty to hook men
    – dress up slutty kanna complain by readers
    – and the viscious cycle continues…. WHAT THE **** U WANT?

  2. […] now, with the body-hugging, impractical kebaya still remaining as the signature icon of our Singapore Girl, I’m not sure how this ‘toning […]

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