Wild Rice nudity

From ‘Wild Rice picture is too wild’ 15 may 2010, Life! mailbag

I was disappointed and disgusted at the choice of the picture which appeared on the cover of Life! on May 6…The cover of the apparently nude Glen Goei and Ivan Heng is inappropriate. I question the intention of the choice of the picture. Frankly, it bordered on pornography.

As a parent of a young child, I would not want any young person to think that art means overt sexual references that leave little to the imagination. What message are we sending to the young?

Rice to the occasion

Funny no one complained about the same two men cross dressing as SIA stewardesses. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s the producers of American Beauty, the iconic poster of Mena Suvari nude behind a blanket of scattered rose petals being the inspiration of similar shots of softcore porn that leave ‘little to the imagination’. Really, Ms Adeline Ng, your kids will be exposed to far worse objectifications of the human anatomy in no time.

Sarong yet so right

And wouldn’t children be spending more time watching reruns of Mr Bean than reading the papers? What would you think of this then?

Bean there done that


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