Joanne Peh flashing

From ‘A fine line divides flashy from trashy’ 28 April 2010, article by Pamela Chow, My Paper

Watching the MediaCorp Star Awards on television on Sunday, my family spent five minutes gawking at artiste Joanne Peh’s dress. Or, rather, the lack of it.

“What is she wearing?” exclaimed my horrified mother.

“Her boobs are popping out from the sides! The gown is so ugly. How could she agree to wear something so revealing?”

I had to agree. Peh’s cut-out gown was bringing her “girls” dangerously close to flasher territory.

Nothing more than upside-down cleavage to me.

Her milkshake brings the boys to the yard

And if the Star Awards atrocity is a few scraps shy of full frontal nudity, I wonder why nobody complained about Joanne in bikini, which surely, reveals more boob value for money. I suppose it’s a matter of decorum then, though for many a peeking sphere or the occasional bare back are probably the only reasons why anyone still bothers with the Star Awards.

In fact,more eyebrows were raised during Joanne and her cleavage’s guest appearance in a cooking show, prompting Lianhe Zaobao netizens to comment in an article (15 March 2009, that “This is a cooking show, not some swimsuit pageant for her to show off her figure”. Like who honestly trusts celebrities’ recipes, seriously. But that’s besides the point.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Ms Peh is free to flaunt her assets whenever, wherever she wants, even if she’s shooting in a children’s cancer ward or Cambodian makeshift elementary school. Maybe the unfounded reaction is due to Joanne’s reputation for being a good girl-next-door. If you have a sexbomb or bimbo pulling off such stunts no one would bat an eyelid. Poor Joanne, at the rate of people nitpicking at every piece of flesh she exposes, she’ll have to don a burqa for her next public appearance.  More irrational fear of cleavage here.

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