Merlion bullies

From “Protect Merlion from snap-happy tourists” 5 April 2010, ST Forum online

They (tourists) trample on the ‘waves’ at the base of the Merlion, causing damage to the tiles. Imagine someone getting a deep cut because of the broken tiles, or worse, a child slipping and falling into the Singapore River.

Perhaps the next time the Merlion has a facelift….a planter bed of bougainvillea (prickly but pretty) could be placed around the base to protect the landmark from the mob of tourists thronging the park every day.

Hopefully, in this case, lightning does strike the same place twice

Maybe we should start revering it like a god, instead of making it a laughing stock at Ms Universe contests. It’s all that we have, Singapore!  Sang Nila Utama must be tossing in his grave. Come on, tourists, as ugly as Singaporean tourists are, you don’t see us doing the Visa dance all over your elephant/cow/(insert sacred animal here) statues do you?


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