Class 95 DJs insult trustworthy Singaporeans

From ‘Most trustworthy’ Singaporeans insulted on air, 5 April 2010 ST Forum Online

(Morning Express) presenters Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman compared themselves with the most trustworthy Singaporeans as listed in a recent poll by Reader’s Digest. They said that except for TV host Gurmit Singh, who came in at No. 10, those in the top 10 could not be trusted.

Their comments were hurtful, considering that the No. 1 spot is held by Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, and that others in the top 10 include (Tommy Koh, Khoo Boon Hui, Lee Wei Ling, Sim Wong Hoo, Catherine Lim)

By the way, (Jack) Neo is at No. 28, while The Flying Dutchman is at No. 30 and Ong at No. 55. Such remarks about reputable Singaporeans are uncalled for and call for a reprimand.

Any wonder that Glenn Ong, twice married, twice divorced now dating another radio DJ is ranked so low? How does one define ‘trustworthiness’ anyway? Just because someone’s job depends on it doesn’t mean one is by nature worthy of anybody’s trust, especially so if you’re not a friend of theirs. Case in point, recently embroiled in scandal paraplegic William Tan is ranked a stunning second to Chief Justice. You can’t trust this trust-list at all. More DJ shenanigans here

So here’s a run down of who’s who in the ‘trust’ list

No 54: Black eyeliner always gives one a shady disposition

No 47: You're in such good hands, ma'am

No 10: Don't pray pray ah

No 2: Fava beans and a nice chianti come to mind for some reason



One Response

  1. The portrayal of Michael Jackson in black by Glenn Ong at the Retro Bash on 9 Oct at Fort Cannon Park was very insensitive. As a radio personality before one decides to impersonate other races they should not do it with neither ignorance nor apathy. Has Glenn ever heard of a minstrel show or know the history of blackface comedy.

    With Singapore being an International City this sort of representation by a major radio station does not give a favorable perception for those that are of African descent. All that posed in the photo should be ashamed..

    I am sure they will all frame the picture and put it on their desk, which shows sincerely what type of people they truly are. I guess there’s no training to be a DJ these days.

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