Animal Kaiser like slot machine

From ‘Children’s arcade game similar to gambling’ 3 April 2010 ST Forum online

This game is attractive to children because it is similar to gambling. Think about it, you pay $2 to play and may win a gold card if you are lucky. This is as good as striking the jackpot in the eyes of a child. Those who do not manage to get a gold card will keep trying, inserting real money. Isn’t this similar to a gambling addict who keeps playing, hoping Lady Luck will smile on him?

The authorities should ban this game as it may encourage children to pick up the gambling habit.

Banning the game will only grant it a forbidden fruit status, which would only make it more attractive to the child. It’s easy to put the responsibility on parenting instead, but  Animal Kaiser is not the only gimmick manipulating young minds into gouging their parents’ wallets: McDonald’s Happy Meals may be far more sinister in its impact on childhood (and parent) obesity. PSPs are popping up even at dinner tables. If anything, the value of a gold Animal Kaiser card may introduce the child to the world of market forces, negotiation and trading with friends, a social environment which an addictive single player PSP doesn’t provide.


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