Whose Singapore?

From Don’t bark up the wrong tree 15 March 2010 ST Forum

‘Uniquely Singapore’ was not appropriate, but adopting ‘Your Singapore’ would be courting disaster.

It appears the STB is preoccupied with distilling what Singapore stands for into just one word – ‘surprising’, ‘uniquely’, ‘your’. This is unnecessary.

Every call in the mass media to visit ‘Your Singapore’, creates confusion, misses the opportunity to reinforce our core values and dilutes the Singapore brand.

Here’s a list of tourism slogans from our neighbours. Note the difference in perspective between the Singaporean and Indonesian ones. Note that none claim in any way to be unique, and with the integrated resorts in full swing at Sentosa, all the more we have to banish that claim. Your Singapore is bland to the core and sounds like a nation running plain out of ideas.

Malaysia.Truly Asia

Thailand: Amazing Thailand. Amazing Value

Philippines. More than the usual.

Vietnam: A Destination for the New Millenium

Indonesia: My Indonesa – Just a Smile Away

Source  http://www.textart.ru/database/slogan/tourist-board-advertising-slogans.html

How about ‘Singapore, Endless Fun Awaits or Singapore’, ‘Not so little red dot’, or ‘Singapore: The Best time of your Life Awaits and It’s not at the Casino!’


2 Responses

  1. Travel to Vietnam…..Yeah. I will be here in September

  2. !ncredible !ndia!
    so $hop till u drop $ingapore
    $pit or $peed pay $ $ingapore

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