Singaporeans are like…






Garden salad


One-eyed Dragons

Sampan 2.0


2 Responses

  1. Some Singaporean netizen are like these poisonous mushrooms. I think so too :)

  2. Interesting thoughts. I’ve been in Singapore for the past 17 years. Being from Malaysia, I don’t coiesdnr myself as foreign talent’ (this really needs proper definition how far away is foreign?). In reality, Singapore, like many young nations, has a population that is mostly made up of immigrants. A HDB heartlander today was probably an immigrant 1 2 generations ago.Personally, I think the comments by Mr. Kubes are off, esp on the second reply (yes, I read the forum thread), it’s not an uncommon one by any immature and probably young person, regardless heartlander or expat.

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